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Thats My Rug and I Am In Love

Story ID:9750
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Thatís My Rug and Iím in Love!
By Chuck Dishno

I have been a duck hunter since I got my first shotgun when I was 12 years old. It was a Model 97 12 gauge Winchester and far too big and heavy for me to shoot and kicked like a Kentucky mule.

Living in Oregon; I had the opportunity to shoot many, many ducks and geese but that all changed when I left for college in Reedley California. I went back a few times but eventually moved to Fresno. There I got a job in a gas station and worked there while attending Fresno Junior College. After a two year stint in the army I went back to the service station.

The station owner was an avid duck hunter and always wanted to form his own duck club. After much planning and preparation, 10 of us chipped in and leased a small piece of ground with a large depression in it. It seemed ideal for our duck hunting. We then drilled a well, sunk ten 100 gallon barrels into the ground surrounding our perceived lake. Early that fall, we started the pump and by the start of migratory water fowl season we had a nice duck pond and 10 roomy duck blinds.

This was a private club owned and run by the 10 of us and we set the ground rules. For one thing no one was invited unless they were approved by a couple of other members. We only shot on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and no dogs allowed.

We had a small house that we moved on the moved on the property that served as our club house and for anyone who wanted to stay the weekend. It had several bunks and some cooking facilities. There was no drinking allowed on the shooting pond but that didnít keep us from having some good old fashioned poker games where we could drink.

One Saturday a mutual friend was invited for the weekend but no one had told him about the no dog rule. He brought his female retriever with him but we made him keep her locked in the cabin while we manned our blinds. This was OK with him and he un- rolled a rug that was near a wall for her to sleep on. All went well and we had a great hunt. Late on Sunday afternoon as we were packing up to go home our friend rolled up the rug and put it back against the wall.

The next weekend someone invited another friend and forgot to tell him of the no dog rule. This guy brought a small terrier. This dog was OK too but soon found that rolled up rug against the wall and would growl if anyone came near it.

Apparently the female dog from the previous weekend had been in heat and left her scent all over the rug. That was all the little dog needed, he was in love and wasnít about to let anyone near his ďgirl friendĒ. If anyone came anywhere near he would growl and even snap at the intruder. This went on all weekend. I canít remember if he tried to romance the rug or not but I think he would just lay in ecstasy with his head on the rug.

By the time were ready to go home on Sunday, the newness of the rug had mostly dissipated but just to be sure we hung it out on the side of the cabin to let it air out completely. Someone said they thought they saw the little dog look back wistfully as we drove away but I am not sure.

What stories that little dog must have been able to tell his pups later in his life, including the time he spent the weekend in a ďduckyĒ house of ill repute.