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Story ID:9753
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every city Every state USA
Person:Michelle Obama and Eric Holder
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By Fred Wickert

Both Michelle Obama and Eric Holder made graduation speeches last week in which they complained about continuing segregation in the schools. The First Lady complained that many of the faces students see in their classes look just like their faces. She was complaining that there is still segregation. Both she and Holder imply that the white folks are to blame for that. I look at it a little differently.

It is true that everywhere I see all black participants in various groups and organizations, on television and in athletics or sports if you prefer. We have a beauty pageant every year that is called the Miss America pageant. Black girls are included. There are always more white contestants than black, but there are blacks and sometimes the black girls win. I donít often watch it myself but I do remember watching it one night and there was a beautiful girl who wanted to be a veterinarian. I remember how her gorgeous long black hair hung below her waist line. She won! In addition to Miss America we now have Miss Black America too. Did the white folks organize that? I donít think so.

There are many television channels. Within those channels there are a large number of shows whose characters are black or mostly black. Who is responsible for that? The white folks? Well honestly I donít know. Could be. There is also an entire TV network called BET which I believe stands for Black Entertainment Television. Did white folks create that? I donít think so.

They have an organization named NAACP. It has been around for more than a half a century. I believe those letters stand for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It consists entirely I believe of black people. Iím pretty certain white folks didnít have anything to do with that. By the way, I thought with political correctness now days you couldnít say ďColored People,Ē but had to say black people or African American, even though a large percentage of them never came from Africa. They came from the Caribbean.

There is the Negro College Fund. I donít think whites had anything to do with the founding of that. Iím sure donations from whites are readily accepted but I think it is safe to say that no white child will ever get any of it to pay for their college education. While Iím on that subject it seems to me there is an all black college somewhere too. I think it is in or near the nationís capital.

I donít recall the name of it, but there is an all black awards show every year where the awards and trophies go only to black actors and actresses and producers and directors and so on. Did the white folks put that together?

A few years ago a bunch of black people got together and invented their own holiday. The Christians had Christmas and the Jews had Hanukah so the black folks wanted their own thing and now they have it. They call it Kwanza.

These are just off the top of my head. I have not looked up anything or done any research but I know there are many all black organizations. I also know they were invented by black people.

As for sports, blacks dominate professional and college sports. Maybe that is what the first lady was looking at and saw fewer white faces than black, because that is the way it is. For some reason, blacks seem to excel in sports more than whites and the recruiters recruit the best they can find. They donít ask first what color they are.

It seems to me Michelle Obama and Eric Holder, who are also black by the way, are a little confused about this segregation business in America these days. Does it exist? Oh yes. It sure does. Are white folks to blame for it? I donít think so. I think the overwhelming evidence shows the black people are responsible for it. They are the ones who are doing all this separate stuff. They are not being denied anything as far as I can see. Even the President of the country is black. The Attorney General is black, we have had two black Secretaries of State, a number of black cabinet secretaries, a number of black congressmen and women and black senators. We have black governors of states and black mayors and police chiefs of large cities.

From all I can see, the whites are not causing any segregation of any kind. Black people are included in all walks of life from top to bottom. Segregation does still exist in this country but the segregationists are not the white people. They are the black people and the evidence is everywhere.

In light of all of that Michelle Obama and Eric Holder, ENOUGH ALREADY! You are both full of it so sit down and shut up!

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