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Do You Really Need that Prescription Drug?

Story ID:9766
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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Watching the evening news yesterday, I almost fell off my couch seat. The
reporter who has always extolled the benefits and need of following doctor’s
advice and orders now warned that we should start doing our homework when
it comes to taking prescription drugs. She revealed that some senior citizens
are being duped into taking way too many unnecessary and even harmful
prescription drugs. Even though this report is way too long in coming, I am
glad it finally came. However, I believe the warning should apply to everyone –
not just senior citizens.

Though I have long known about prescription drugs and their often serious
side affects from the Physicians for Responsible Medicine, I also was
saddened to find out that some nursing and retirement homes do little to
check on the unnecessary taking of prescription drugs by their elderly clients.

Years ago I read in an AARP magazine that a Florida pharmacist was employed
to check the medications of senior citizens in retirement communities. He was
shocked to find how many unnecessary and costly prescriptions were being
prescribed and taken by many of the retirees.

I don’t remember exactly how many prescriptions an elderly patient was
taking, but it was an obscene number of unneeded prescriptions. Surely this
was not beneficial and even probably harmful for him. Ditto, an elderly woman
who I believe was even taking a contraceptive among her daily “cocktail” of
unnecessary prescriptions which also probably had serious side effects. Big
Pharma was alive and well here among the elderly who become their unwilling
victims with obvious little oversight by the caretakers here.

The senior citizen being interviewed on the evening news here in Cleveland
remarked that he had been taking an excess of a prescription drug whose
benefits he now feels were dubious at best and harmful at worst. And buying
these expensive drugs almost bankrupted him.

Where was this reporter all these years when exposes on 20/20 and other
news media warned us that doctors are often wined and dined by Big Pharma
to prescribe their drugs regardless of benefit or need? Clearly, we should
be wary of all “experts” and news reports and check them out ourselves.


I do not know why I thought that Wyeth’s Premarin products were passe’ and
was beyond sad to find that Premarin mares still suffer. I know that for way
too many years women were following the advice of their doctors and were
taking Premarin – a horse urine supplement to address their hot flashes.

I have always maintained that if any woman was foolish enough to take a
horse urine supplement, I wouldn’t have cared except for ONE very big reason.
Thousands and thousands of pregnant mares were forced yearly to stand
tethered in dark and dank stables with cups attached to their vulvas to catch
their concentrated urine. They were given very little water to achieve this.

If this doesn’t horrify anyone, then I can only say that horse suffering means
nothing to you. I was also glad that a noted doctor – Dr. Christine Northrup
maintained that women did not need horse urine to address hot flashes. But
here again doctors were prescribing it over and over again – keeping those poor
mares chained to deliver their urine for women who were flocking to buy it because
their doctors prescribed it. Were the doctors being rewarded for prescribing it?

Anyone interested in what a premarin horse farm is like, there is abundance
material on this very sad subject on the internet. If you have an ounce of
compassion you will be appalled at what you read and will not understand
as so many of us how government (FDA) and many of us could allow this to

When I found out that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is still using mares for their
urine in a vaginal cream which I found on a full page ad in the Ladies Home
Journal magazine, I was horrified.


Looking at this full page ad advertising Premarin Vaginal Cream, I wondered
how could a woman’s magazine feature an ad which clearly means suffering
to Premarin mares? I immediately e-mailed the editor and told her a little
about premarin mares’ suffering. I also told her that I could not continue to
subscribe to a magazine which promotes mare suffering.

The editor not only lacked the kindness to respond to my concern, but this
month the same offensive ad appeared again. Two things I now knew. I will
not renew my subscription, and I will also cancel my present subscription as

I also believe, that in my opinion, a magazine which is devoted to women issues
should be concerned about suffering mares who are mothers like many who
subscribe to this magazine.