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Story ID:9770
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corono CA Usa
Person:Ready for the day Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Wright Bros. invented the airplane
And Old Henry Ford the auto
But itís a mystery to me
Who invented Velcro?

Each morning as I put on my knee brace
Itís easy for me, doncha know
No leather or cloth belts or buckles
Just a slender piece of cloth, called Velcro

As I put on my back brace
For that strain I got a while ago
Lifting at a strange angle
Itís also fastened with Velcro

No belts or buckles
No ugly bulges that would show
No telltale Lumps in your clothing
Itís all hidden with Velcro

I can walk and lift
Without that strain showing on my face
I can move about freely
I can drive anyplace

So my hats off to the man
Whose name I donít know
Making my life more comfortable
With that thing called Velcro.
Monte L. Manka 05-24-2014