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Story ID:9776
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:The VA
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By Fred Wickert

I previously posted an essay titled ABOUT THE VA in which I supported Gen. Shinseki not resigning as head of the VA. I gave as my reason that he himself is a disabled veteran and therefore I believed his heart is in the right place. I also believed he had been there long enough to learn the system and knows better than anyone else what he was dealing with. I believed that knowledge and the fact he had been so greatly embarrassed was enough to inspire him to do the job. I believed it was going to take too long to nominate a replacement, get them approved by the Senate and then have that person learn the vast VA system so they could begin to deal with it.

Today I have changed my mind completely. An interim report was revealed today by the IG office and a hearing began in Congress today. There were some new revelations at that hearing. Consequently, based on those things that came out today, I believe Shinseki should either resign or be fired immediately. President Obama should be impeached. Chair persons of the committees on Veterans Affairs in both houses of the Congress should also step down.

In addition I believe the administrators of the four hospitals that have been put on administrative leave should be fired immediately and forced to pay back every cent they have been given in bonuses. They probably should refund their salaries to because they did not earn them.

The Justice Department should begin an immediate investigation with in mind the need to prosecute the administrators of all four hospitals, and probably many more of them, for falsifying official records and documents and for Criminally Negligent Homicide.

It came to light today that President Obama and General Shinseki and others were told of these problems at a meeting in which an IG report was being given. They had full knowledge at least as early as 2012 and they did nothing. The President made campaign speeches when running for re-election that he was going to make VA problems his top priority. He has done nothing. General Shinseki has done nothing.

It also is now known that President Bush had his transition team warn the Obama team about it. They were told by the Bush administration about it and that it needed immediate attention. They did nothing!

Obama and Shinseki both should go. It is now known and the IG office has confirmed it, that at least 40 deaths are attributed to these problems. That is at least 40 deaths from 4 hospitals. How many more deaths have occurred in all the other hospitals? People need to go to prison for this. It is criminally negligent homicide. There will be no justice done unless and until they do.

We need a new VA Administrator and we need him quickly. We need someone who has the utmost integrity and will immediately get to work fixing the system throughout. It sounds like an impossible task to find such a person, but it is not. I know exactly the right man for the job.

Once before we had a huge problem. We were to host the Olympics but everything was a huge mess. They were two years behind schedule and there were huge budgetary short falls. A man was appointed to try to fix it. Many experts said it was impossible to fix it. This man said he thought he could fix it and he did. It was ready on time and everything went off smoothly.

The name of that man is well known. His name is Mit Romney. I believe he is the most likely man in the country who is capable of getting that job done. I believe he should be given the job. I know he will not appeal to the political wishes of President Obama, but who cares? Obama should be impeached over this. At Benghazi four men died. In this case at least 40 people died and probably many more that just havenít been revealed yet. He is the right person for the job. Politics should not matter in this case.

The people need to turn up the heat!

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