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A Furry Love Story

Story ID:9797
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Terre Haute Indiana usa
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If you think that only humans can know true love, think again. Most of us
have heard about the rescued Mr. G- the goat of Animal Place grieving until
he was re-united with Jellybean –his donkey friend who had been placed in
a different sanctuary. The re-union was beautiful to behold.

Well, that is one kind of animal love –friendship. Tarra, the elephant had it
also with Bella a beautiful white dog until she was untimely killed by coyotes.

Now here’s another altogether different kind of love between two animals–
the story of Ben and Jade. This beautiful account was originally posted on
Care2 in March 2013, and now was back by popular demand.

I am glad it was- even though it ended up with my junk mail. Well, it didn’t
belong there, but I daily check there so as not to miss some gems as this

The writer – Judy Molland opined that this is the best canine love story
you will read today – or possibly ever. I agree.

Two stray dogs –Ben, a 4 1/2 year- old mixed breed and Jade, a 1-year old
German Shepherd mix met on the streets of Terre Haute, Indiana and fell
in love. If you are a skeptic, and don’t think dogs fall in love, you may
change your mind after hearing their tale.

They were Initially kenneled together until Jade gave birth to six puppies.
Adoption counselor Kali Skinner took the mom and babies home to care
for them for eight weeks. She was happy that all six puppies were placed
and that meant that Jade and Ben were reunited back at the shelter.

I wondered how Ben had fared during this time of separation but nothing
was said about it. Obviously he fared well enough, and must have been
very happy that Jade was back in the shelter again.

But one day things changed. Courtney and Jason Lawler decided to adopt
Ben, but not Jade. They felt having a 3-year old son and a new dog was
just about all they could handle at the time.

I enjoyed when Judy observed that they should have checked with Ben
before separating him from his mate.

All seemed fine at the Lawlers for about three weeks until in December
2012 when things were about to change. On December 28th – a Friday –
when Jason Lawler opened the door to take out the trash, a quick-witted
Ben realized that this was the chance he had been waiting for, and he
dashed out the door and kept running – never looking back.


It was bitter cold but Ben trekked the ten miles back to the shelter to
look for his love. How in the world did he know the way? And what
marvelous stamina – 10 miles is no short run.

Again Judy makes a beautiful sensitive remark in this regard -”Dogs are
awesome-if only all people were as loyal.”

Ben made it to the shelter where Jacob Harrod, an adoption counselor
there was amazed to find him outside the shelter fence. But Ben proved
cagey and didn’t want to be taken in. Perhaps he remembered that
humans had separated him from his mate before and they were not to
be trusted now.

When Jade was let out, he managed to kiss her through the fence and
then he was off -alluding capture by the workers who were tying so hard
to re-unite this street-savvy but wary Ben with his beloved Jade. If only
he could have realized that they only wanted to bring him into the shelter
to rejoin her again. Maybe, he was afraid that they would return him to
the Lawlers instead.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, the shelter workers were able to dart him
with a tranquilizer gun. This only slowed him down, but enough so that
they could at last bring him into the shelter and back with Jade.

What a sight -the happy reunion of two deliriously happy dogs-barking
and furiously wagging their tails

When Courtney and Jason Lawler heard from the shelter what Ben had
done, they loved him enough to realize he needed to be with Jade and
so she was adopted as well.

According to Harrod, the couple are doing wonderfully well, and life is
good for them. We hope they will never be separated again.

At the end of this account, Judy aptly reflects : “If this story doesn’t bring
tears to your eyes, you are tougher than me.” No, Judy I am not tougher
than you, and perhaps the majority of people who read this story probably
cried and smiled at the same time as I did. It is a poignant love story.
Thanks for sharing it.