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Looking for a Retirement home

Story ID:9798
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA.
Person:Bad job Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Looking for a Rest Home

Ever been in a rest home
Ever have to shop around
For a place for “tender loving care”
There are dozens to be found

This is a terrible experience
Once I helped my wife
For a room and board for her mother
To have for the rest of her mother’s life

You want the best
You have to operate on what you can afford
It’s not as easy as it sounds
You want to live up to your word

Each warehouse for the “aged”
Has a different look and different smell
Old people tied to their wheelchairs
Odor of urine, strong as hell

I’m sure some of these oldsters
Haven’t been visited in a year
The searching eyes of all are upon you
Begging silently for a “Love you dear”

We found a very nice home
Each time we visited her mother there
As we entered a very large room
A strange lady in a wheel chair

Would smile and babble something
I couldn’t understand
She reached out to me
Trying to hold my hand

I wouldn’t touch her
Out of pure fear
She was clean
She just wanted someone near

Now I feel guilty
Now I am old
Now I want someone near me
Now I want someone’s hand to hold

I have finally awakened
I can see where I was wrong
I am guilty of strange thoughts
I was wrong all along

Now that I am older
There are things I can now see
Things that I cannot help
Things that will happen to me

I’ll go on as before
Keeping my feeble mind
Active as can be
Looking forward not behind.

Monte L. Manka 05-27-2014