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Story ID:9803
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every City Every State USA
Person:Sgt, Bergdahl
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By Fred Wickert

It is no secret by now that a few days ago there was a prisoner exchange in which President Obama agreed to exchange the five most dangerous prisoners in Gitmo for one Sgt. Bergdahl, being held by the Taliban.

The exchange was so controversial that it is almost all they talk about on the news for several days. That is what prompted this essay. So many members of the administration including the President himself, Hillary Clinton, and numerous members of the media, politicians and others have all been saying it is of utmost importance to get back Americans held prisoner, no matter what. They have been saying the war is almost over. It is ending. We will have to give back all the prisoners anyway. There is always a prisoner exchange when a war ends.

To begin with, if it is so important to get a prisoner held by a foreign entity back, ”No matter what!” Then why may I ask, is there no effort by our government whatsoever to get back our Marine Corps Sgt. from Mexico? Why was there no effort to get back our people including an Ambassador in Benghazi? Why has there been no effort at all to get back the American Christian Minister being held prisoner in Iran for two years and in poor health? “No matter what,” Mr. President? You sure have a funny way of showing it in Mexico or in Iran, and you had a tragic way of showing it in Benghazi.

To address the prisoner exchange of the top ranking Taliban terrorists, two of whom by the way who have United Nations warrants out for them for war crimes including the murder of hundreds if not thousands of women and children, being okay, “because the war is ending.” THE WAR IS NOT ENDING! I repeat, THE WAR IS NOT ENDING!

We all know many times when children are playing together, sometimes a boy will say, “I am taking my toys and going home.” The children will find other toys to play with but just because that one boy went home does not mean the children stop playing.

In this case, President Obama has told Hamid Karzai that he is taking his toys home and not going to play anymore in 2016. His toys being the American military and their equipment they don’t leave behind. In other words as President and Commander in Chief, Obama is taking the United States out and home. He is quitting in our name. Has anyone heard the Taliban or AlQuaida say they are quitting too? No you have not and you won’t.

The only way that war is going to end is in the mind of Obama and those who think they don’t want to participate anymore. It is not going to end. The enemy is not going to stop. They are celebrating victory right now and will continue to do so.

I dare say that every American who has an eighth grade or better education knows without doubt that the war is going to continue. It will continue in Afghanistan because the Taliban will take control of the country back. They will do that because we are not there to stop them. The Opium trade will be booming. Due to the nice new highways we built for them they will be able to transport their Opium to market so much faster. They will also have the cargo planes we gave Afghanistan for their Air Force to transport it out of the country with. They are Afghanistan Air Force now but a few months after we leave in 2016 they will be Taliban Air Force.

This war began after the attack on the World Trade Center on nine eleven. Like it or not, and in spite of political correctness and whatever names you make up for it, it is a Muslim Holy war. It is Jihad and it is World-wide. It will not end just because Obama takes his toys and goes home.

I ask you, do these people who keep saying this over and over on TV, including the President fail to understand this? Or is it just a big lie that they are telling because they are so corrupt? You decide.

The same people who keep saying the deal was okay because the war is ending are also saying Sgt. Bergdahl is a prisoner of war captured on the battlefield. Our government is well aware that is not true. The truth is that Bergdahl was not captured. He deserted his post, endangering his squad in doing so, and went looking for the Taliban to join them willingly. That is not being captured. He was not taken prisoner resulting from conduct of the war. There is evidence that he actually became one of the Taliban for at least part of the time. How then is he a, “Prisoner of war?” Are these people stupid? Or are they just corrupt? You decide.

Ambassador Rice went on all the Sunday talk shows saying Sgt. Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. Oh really? The administration knew but did not admit they knew, that Bergdahl had deserted and voluntarily went in search of the enemy to join up with them. There is evidence he gave aid and comfort to the enemy. There is evidence he declared himself a warrior for jihad and was using an AK-47 rifle and doing target practice with it. The same people as mentioned before are supporting Ambassador Rice and what she said. They and the White House staff are also attacking the members of his squad that he was serving with in Afghanistan at the time he walked away.

I ask you, does it sound to you like Sgt. Bergdahl served with honor and distinction? Are these people, including Ambassador Rice, really that stupid? Or are they just plain corrupt? You decide.

Of one thing I am sure. I am sure they have to be one or the other. They cannot be otherwise.

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