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Geronimo the Greatest Indian Warrior

Story ID:9823
Written by:Charles Micheaux (bio, contact, other stories)
Organization:Micheaux Publishing
Story type:Biography
Location:Fort Sill OK USA
Person:Goyathlay/ Geronimo
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Today is the birthday of the greatest indian warrior of them all, Geronimo.
Geronimo's birth name was Goyathlay, the name
Geronimo was given him by the Mexican Army.

Geronimo is the most famous Apache warrior in American history, he was a naturally gifted hunter, who legend goes, as a boy he swallowed the heart of his first kill to ensure a life of success as a hunter.

To the Apache tribe Geronimo was the essence of the best and most skilled indian warriors, he was fearless, clever, ruthless and honorable as a man of his word. Geronimo proved time and time again that he was the most feared and respected Apache of them all, even among white men.

General Nelson A. Miles wrote in his diary:

"He was one of the brightest, most resolute, determined-looking man that I have ever encountered." --General Nelson A. Miles

At the tender age of seventeen Geronimo fell in love with a very beautiful Apache girl named Alope. The two young teenagers were married and had three children together.

One day while out on a trading trip, Mexican soldiers attacked the camp where Geronimo's family were set up. Geronimo's mother, wife and children were all killed in the attack.

Geronimo was enraged and he rounded up two hundred Apache warriors and for the next ten years of his life he hunted down and killed each mexican soldier that had a hand in the slaughetring of his family.

The name Geronimo was given him by the Mexican Army whosuffered defeat by Geronimo on their very important holiday, 'San Geronimo Day'.

From the day of that through butt whipping, the Mexican Army called him GERONIMO.

U.S. Paratroopers of World War II saw the 1940 movie GERONIMO the nightbefore mass training jumps and as they fell from the sky, they all shouted Geronimo!

The U.S. Navy Seal Team used the code name Geronimo in the hunt and raid on Osama Bin Laden.

Geronimo died on February 17, 1909; he is buried in a lonely old Apache cemetery at Fort Sill,

"I was born on the praires where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the Sun.
I was born where there were no enclosures."