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uncle fossill tells cousin buford how to get water out of his ears

Story ID:9837
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix city Alabama U.S.A.
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now my uncle fossill lives up in tennessee in the township of podunk,which is the county seat of podunk county tennessee,he lives in a small log cabin nestled up close to the great smokey mountains. One fine morning Uncle Fossill's Cousin buford klappersnafill came be complaining about having water in his ears from going swimming down at the creek,and he asked Uncle Fossill if he had any suggestions on how to get the water out.Uncle Fossill told Cousin Buford that yes indeed he did have a suggestion or two.He told Cousin Buford to follow these instructions,he told cousin buford he first had to stand on his head and count to 30,then he was to run around the cabin 10 times,do 40 cart wheels and jump up and down like a rabit while clucking like a chicken and flap his arms.and he had to do these things down at the town square the next day.
Cousin Buford showed up at the town square the next day and went through all the moves that uncle fossill had instructed him to do,when he finished he shook his head and discovered that the water was still gurgling around in his ears,he went back to uncle fossills little cabin and complained to uncle fossill that the water was still in his ears,uncle fossill handed him $20 and told him that though the water was still in his ears,it sure was funny to watch him do all those strange things. :)