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Beth and Wilt Chamberlin

Story ID:9845
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family Memories
Location:Dillon Montana USA1981
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Beth and Wilt Chamberlin
By Chuck Dishno
June, 2014

Roz and I lived in Fresno, California for many years and were avid supporters of Fresno State University, football, basketball and baseball.

I was an athletic scholarship donor and for my generous donations I was given tickets to all Fresno State sports. We took advantage of this, rarely missed a game and usually followed the teams where ever they played, even to Hawaii and New York.

Roz’s son, David, his wife Joanne and 3 year old daughter Beth were living in Oxnard, California. Fresno State basketball had a Saturday game at Pepperdine University near Malibu, a few miles from Oxnard so I got tickets for us to attend.

Wilt Chamberlin, of the Harlem Globetrotter fame was retired and living in Malibu and loved to attend Pepperdine basketball.

Wilt came into the arena shortly before the game started. He took a seat about in the bleachers about 5 rows down from the 5 of us. He was very friendly and smiled at his many admirers. It seemed that everyone there knew him and it was a steady stream of admirers. I’m sure he enjoyed all the attention but he had come to see the game and root for Pepperdine.

Wilt, with his long legs sat in the bleacher like the letter N, with his knees almost under his chin. When my granddaughter, Beth, had to go to the bathroom, Joanne took her by the hand and started walking down the bleacher steps. By this time, Wilt had stretched his legs out and was partially blocking the aisle. When he saw Joanne and Beth coming toward his row, he looked up and said, “Excuse me.” He then started to unfold like a praying mantis. As he slowly stood up, Beth who only came up to his knees, if that far, watched this giant unfold before her eyes. Her gaze followed him all the way up. She didn’t say anything but the wide expression in her eyes said it all.

Wilt Chamberlin died at the age of 63 in his Bel Air, California home. Wherever Wilt is now, women should be advised--- He reported 20,000 sexual relationships with women and never married or had children,