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Story ID:9851
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Any City Any State USA
Person:Women Workers
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By Fred Wickert

The Supreme Court has handed down a decision regarding family owned companies being forced to violate their religious convictions by having them pay for Obama Care insurance that pays for contraceptives and abortions for their employees. The decision of the court was that it violated the rights under the constitution, of the families who owned the corporations. However, public owned corporations will have to pay for it IAW Obamacare. It is the law.

I understand that the people who brought that law suit had a point. They believed, and the court agreed that it violated their religious beliefs to make them pay because they were not a publicly owned company.

I feel greatly discriminated against. In circumstances where the company a woman works for does not have to pay for it, the tax payer does. If a person owns stock in a public company, then they have to pay. I believe that is totally wrong. As a tax payer, which I am, or as a shareholder in a company, which I am not, I can be forced to pay for contraceptives or for abortion for countless women I donít know or never will know, and who I certainly never had sex with.

I want to know why, if I never had sex with those women, why have I got to pay for their contraceptives? Iím not going to get them pregnant. Why do I have to pay? I am not going to make and I have not made, any woman pregnant and it is against my religious beliefs so why do I have to pay for an abortion for anybody? It is wrong, wrong, wrong to make anybody pay. Only the guy who the woman had sex with should have to pay for it.

I heard some guy on the radio the other day trying to justify it. I donít know where he got his information from but he said it was costing women in the work force $900 dollars a year for contraceptives. I figured for that much money for contraceptives he must be talking about a prostitute. Nine hundred dollars will buy an awful lot of condoms.

When I was in the Air Force a WAF told us one day she had a very cheap and fool proof contraceptive and it could be used over and over as many times as needed. She said the woman needs to take a quarter with her when she goes out on a date. She said when the guy parks in lovers lane, just place the quarter between her knees and keep it there, As long as that quarter stays between her knees it is guaranteed she will not get pregnant.

Obama and the Democrats are on a War on Women campaign. I want to go on the record as one who is not in a war against women. I happen to like women very much. My Mom was a woman. I have always liked women. No matter how much I like them, I still donít want to pay for their contraceptives. Why should I? Iím not having sex with them and I am not the one who might get them pregnant. If they are having sex they should get the guy they are having it with pay, or they should pay for it their self. There is no legitimate reason to have anyone else pay for it. As for abortion, it is against my religious beliefs. I believe it is murder. Are not my beliefs as valid as those of a family owned company? That portion of the Obama Care law must be stricken all the way. That is the only fair thing to do. If a woman canít come up with a quarter tell her to borrow one from Obama. He has lots of them.

I did not have sex with those women and I am not going to pay!

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