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Story ID:9871
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:Obama and Holder
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By Fred Wickert

It seems the Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama are accusing people of not liking President Obama because those people are racist, and that racism is the real reason behind some people objecting to Obama’s policies.

I have a bit of news for Eric Holder and Barak Obama. Yes, it is true that there is some racism in this country. I dare say there is a certain amount of it existing in almost every country in the world.

Guess what? During my life time I have had many dogs and cats. I have observed their behavior and I have learned that racism, or dislike of one because of his or her color, even exists between dogs of different color and cats of different color.

My big problem with Obama and Holder and their remarks, is that I find no greater exhibit of racism in our country than that exhibited by Obama and Holder themselves.

It was exhibited early in Obama’s first term of office when a black professor friend of his was arrested at his house. Without any facts of the case whatsoever, Obama announced to the nation that it was all because of those “Stupid Cops.” A great deal of racism was implied in the case. When it developed that Obama’s professor friend was perhaps the stupid one, then there had to be a photo Op of Obama and the white cop having a beer together on the White House Lawn.

When BlacK Panther members with Billy clubs stood on the steps In Philadelphia, and intimidated voters, Holder refused to prosecute and declared his office will not prosecute black people.

A black teen ager was killed in Self Defense by an Hispanic Neighborhood Watch member. Local Officials declared it s
Self Defense and made no charges. Obama announced the black teen that was killed could have been his son and was outraged he was murdered. Holder brought the full weight of the Justice Department, (and I am using the word Justice loosely here) to bear. He had local prosecutors removed from the case and state prosecutors took over. He sent agents to a college 40 miles away and recruited them at taxpayer expense, to board chartered buses which took them to the police station where they demonstrated and stormed the police station demanding the Chief of police be fired. All of this was done with the tax payers money. When it was all over, the jury in the trial brought at Holder’s insistence, found the defendant Not Guilty. Embittered, Holder stated publicly that it was not over yet. As far as I know his department is still doing its best to get something on the guy who was just defending his life.

For more than two years black mobs of young people have been attacking whites and Asians playing something they call the “Knock out Game.” Many have been hospitalized with serious injury. A few have been maimed for life. A few have been killed. The government does nothing. News of it is suppressed except locally and when death results. Generally the public is not aware. Police and Media avoid mentioning the perpetrators are black.

Many of the things that Obama does, get little comment. People are afraid to oppose him. Why? Because it is Administration strategy that if anyone disagrees with Obama, they are immediately branded a racist. That is a dirty word that nobody wants to be tainted with so they keep their mouth shut. If they happen to be black, they are then branded as “Uncle Toms.”

The Tea Party is intensely disliked by the Obama Administration so they are branded racist, though the truth is they are not. Many of the members are black. It is general strategy of the White House and it is never acknowledged any of them are black. If it were not for video footage nobody would know some members are black.

In this case, there is serious criticism of Obama over the Latin American illegal children flooding the country, via Mexico. So, Obama and Holder are out making their lame accusations again of racism.

I guess in some respects it is understandable because when it comes right down to it, what else have they got? Not much.

The greatest display of racism I have seen in this country since the 1960’s have come directly from Barak Obama, Eric Holder and members of the Democrat party. They have used it as a political club every day of the Obama Administration.

If the American people were really so racist, they could not have ever got their jobs and neither could countless black people throughout the country who hold political office from town and village officers, county officials, state officials including Governors, and the many elected judges, Congressmen and Senators who are black, Asian, or Hispanic. Racists are against Asians and Hispanics as well as blacks you know.

This may come as a great surprise to you Obama and Holder, but the reason most of us do not agree with your policies is because they are just plain wrong. Your race has absolutely nothing to do with it.

I do believe there is more racist feeling against blacks now than there was six years ago. I also believe you Obama and You Holder, are directly to blame for it. Ponder that for a while. You might learn something!

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