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Story ID:9874
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

We in America are in deep trouble. The Christian faith has been under attack all over the world. In the Middle East Christians are being murdered by the thousands and their churches are being systematically destroyed. In Syria the rebels are operating at least seven known Christian Slaughter Houses. Regular plants where Christians are being hung up on a hook like a cow or a pig, and disemboweled and decapitated.

All of this is well known by Western Intelligence. The people of both Europe and the United States are predominantly Christian. What are they doing about it? Absolutely nothing. Their governments donít even discuss it. The United Nations has to be aware of it but what are they doing about it? Absolutely nothing.

Here in this country Christianity is under attack. One of the chief attackers is President Obama who claims to be a Born again Christian. From his actions I believe that is as much a lie as all the others he has told. He as Commander in Chief is even having Chaplains in the military ordered not to mention the name Jesus Christ in their public talks or prayers. Someone might be offended.

The Supreme Court has recently ruled in favor of a company, Hobby Lobby, and some other groups who sued Obama Care over being forced to pay for abortions or abortion resulting contraceptives that kill the fertilized egg.

Some groups in this country, and most notably the Democrat party are livid over that decision. Many on the floors of the House and Senate and on national TV have told some of the most outrageous lies in complaining about this court decision.

Some of the womenís groups who are pushing the phony claim of the Republican War on Women are claiming it violates a womanís right to good health!
I ask, if their concerns are legitimate or if they believe them to be, why is it that they have to lie about it so much? Why canít they be truthful about it?

Now the Democrats have introduced and are pushing hard for the passage of a bill. It is called, Womenís Health Protection Act and it is Senate Bill #1696.

This bill would eliminate nearly all state limitations on abortion and ban states from adopting new ones.

They want to allow abortions at any point in the pregnancy and they want the tax payer to pay for it. Some have made speeches supporting it in which they call it, ďA necessary medical procedure for the health of the woman.Ē

Really. Now we are being told an abortion is no different from a tumor or perhaps a cist and the fetus must be removed for the health of the woman? I see it all now, we kill all babies. That way there will not be any new Republicans being born. Then we open our borders to every Hispanic in the world to come here and be cheap labor, and they can all vote Democrat out of gratitude. It has to be because no other explanation makes sense.

If Christianity were strong and had not been under attack for so long people would understand that an unborn baby is a human being and to have an abortion is to murder that innocent child. A baby is not, as the proponents of this Senate Bill would have us believe, the same as a tumor or a cist.

I do not for the life of me understand how anybody can opt for the murder of an innocent child. If you donít want to have a baby, fine. Give it up for adoption or just donít get pregnant in the first place. There are so many things available today that make it so easy not to conceive, and they are so cheap, why would anybody who doesnít want to, get pregnant in the first place? Taking a pill is a lot easier than having an abortion! Are they all stupid? Give me a break.

We have reached such a low point in human values that I have to ask, ďGod, please help us all for we have lost our way and our minds.Ē

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