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My Autocatography (Part two)

Story ID:9877
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Dillon Montana USA
Person:Max the cat
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My Autocatography (Part two)
By Max - As meowed to Chuck Dishno

Meeting Uncle Bud…

After what seemed like an eternity the trailer stopped rocking and the sliding door opened. I immediately headed for that stinky cat box. After a few minutes in there relieving myself I felt much better. Chuck said we were in Lake Havasu City and would be there for a few days and his brother Bud would come over to see Amy and I. It wasn’t too long before there was a knock at the door and when Chuck opened it there was this blonde man and nice lady. They were introduced to me as Chuck’s brother, Bud and his wife Beulah. They were nice but in a few minutes Bud brought in strange animal called a dog. I had heard of dogs but had never seen one. This one never stopped bouncing around and seemed to be determined to catch me or Amy. About this time, Bud, said he would like to adopt Amy and I said “Yea, Yea, let her go.” But then I thought better of it and wouldn’t wish anyone on that dog of Bud’s. I guess my upbringing had a kind side to it. Roz and Chuck said that they would not let her go as they were a family now and were going to stay together. This made me feel really good and I even had a warm spot in my heart for Amy. I figured I could get used to her and maybe she would eventually love me.

We stayed in Lake Havasu for a couple more days and finally, to my dread, I heard Chuck say that it was time to head for Dillon. I had heard them talking about Dillon on several occasions but had no idea where it was. I figured it must be a nice place since they were always talking about it.
Amy and I were getting along better and were even talking once in a while. It was hard to understand her though since we spoke a different dialect. She even kissed me once when I wasn’t looking (Yuk) but I just ignored it as much as I could and promptly went for a drink of water to get that slobber off my whiskers.
When I had Amy alone I asked her what Dillon was? She said she had only lived there a few months but as she remembered it to be a very nice place that was warm and had lots of room. I didn’t tell her but I thought to myself, “Wow that will be great. Now I can get further away from you. Ha Ha!” I shouldn’t be so ornery but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

On the Road Again…

Early the next morning, I saw Roz putting things away and began to get nervous. I knew that we were in for a long bumpy ride again. My only salvation was I would probably never see that dog of Bud’s again, at least for a long time. Chuck had gone outside and when I heard the pickup start and bang into the trailer I knew it was just about time. Once again, Roz picked up Amy and I and put us up into the bedroom then shut the sliding door. This time I was determined not to be such a “fraidy cat” and stick it out on the bed. This worked for a few minutes but as soon as the trailer started to move I began to panic. I even thought of snuggling up to Amy who seemed to take it all in stride but my male ego wouldn’t allow that at this early stage in my life. I just took it as long as I could then headed for the side of the bed where the comforter hung down to the floor. Here I felt relatively safe since I couldn’t see out and the shaking and bouncing didn’t seem as bad. I guess I shouldn’t have been so scared but it was quite a change in my young life. To be honest, I never did get used to traveling in that trailer. I always knew, though, that at the end of the day my new parents would hold me and love me so I guess it was worth it. Such are the trials of a young Arizona cat, soon to be a macho Montanan.

All that day the trailer bounced and rocked but I stuck it out under the comforter. I think I must have gone to sleep and snored a little as I remember Amy yelling to me to shut up and let her sleep. After what seemed like a week the trailer came to a stop and Chuck and Roz opened the door and let us out. It was a mad rush for the potty box and Amy beat me to it. I sure learned my lesson then – not to let her in first. She really kicks up the dust and doesn’t leave it smelling too good either. I guess there are advantages of sleeping on top of the bed after all.

After we had settled down and all had a good meal it was time to relax and check out the windows. Amy said that sometimes you could see a squirrel or even a cat that walked by. I looked and looked but all I saw was a couple of dogs being led around by some other campers. I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to take a dog on one of these trips. They are not only noisy but, I am told that they also stink. They don’t even cover up their own droppings. Amy told me to watch them lift their leg and pee on everything they saw after first smelling it to see who had been there before. She said that this is like their newspaper and they get all the latest gossip. How revolting! I can’t think of anything so gross as to sniff where other dogs had peed.
That evening we sat around and got to know each other. Amy was being very friendly, which worried me a bit but she spent most of her time on Roz’s lap. I saw Chuck lying on the couch watching TV and decided to try sleeping on his belly. It was quite round and I had a hard time finding a comfortable position but soon found that if I curled up just so I would fit OK. I also had needle sharp claws that I could dig in if I started to slip. After a while Chuck began to snore and I could see that we were going to get along just fine. Amy thought I snored but I had nothing over Chuck. He fairly shook the trailer and I couldn’t sleep very much. I soon joined in and between the two of us we really sawed them off. I heard Roz say to Amy to just ignore them as they both had a hard day.

My New Home in Dillon…

The next two days were about the same as the first. It would be get up early, bounce around all day, stop at a RV park, make a mad dash for the cat box (sometimes I won the race), look out the window for other animals, sleep on Chuck’s stomach and get ready for the next day.

On the third day, we stopped and I heard Chuck say we were home in Dillon. I couldn’t wait to see that new home that Amy kept talking about. I was in luck, Roz picked me up first and took me outside and, Wow, a blast of cold air hit me in the face and sent chills through my skinny body. Amy hadn’t said anything about the cold air since it didn’t affect her with all that fur. My poor covering of fur didn’t do much to insulate me. I made up my mind right there that I would have to start treating Amy better since I may have to snuggle up to her and use her warmth to keep from freezing. There was also a lot of white stuff on the ground that Roz called snow. We Arizona cats don’t know much about cold air or snow so it was all new to me and I wasn’t too excited about the situation. As soon as Roz unlocked the door to the house and put me down I just stood there wondering what I had inherited. The house was big but it was also cold and I began to shiver. Roz said that she would turn on the heater and I would soon be warm. After Roz put me down she went out and brought I Amy. Amy seemed right at home and began to run up and down the hall. I tried to catch her but I was too stiff from riding in that bouncing trailer. Roz then went to the thermostat and turned up the heat. She showed me where to stand with my side up against the radiator. In a few minutes the heat started coming out and I would warm one side then the other. I must have looked like a cat on a spit the way I was turning around. After I had warmed all sides, I began to explore the house and Amy was right. It was a big place with lots of room to run and hide. We all settled in that evening and Roz fixed me up with a nice bowl of crunchy cat food. Chuck insisted on having tacos as he always did when we returned from a trip. Now being a Arizona cat I knew what tacos were. I usually didn’t care for them but Roz made the meat filling especially good so Chuck gave me a little. It was a trifle spicy for my taste but I ate it anyway. I figured what the heck, it’s free and I can always burp in Amy’s face if I feel like it.

That first day and evening in my new house was to be a preview of what was to come for the rest of my life in my new home. I couldn’t be happier. I had a loving set of parents, a warm furry cat to snuggle up to when I was cold and most important was the feeling that I was loved. What more could a Arizona cat want?

That evening, Roz put me to bed on a nice couch in the den and covered me with a warm fuzzy blanket. I snuggled down and had the best sleep I had had since leaving the security of Austin and Daune’s house.

The next morning I got up early and looked around my new home. There were plenty of hiding places I could go to if I ever felt threatened or if I just wanted to get away. The food was great and the potty box was convenient. Amy gave me another kiss and this time I didn’t even mind. I hate to admit it but I even kissed her back when Chuck and Roz weren’t looking. I think they saw me though and knew that I was going to fit right in. Amy took me around and showed me all the things she had discovered when she was here before I came on the scene. There were boxes to climb in and hide or jump out of and try to scare the grown-ups. There were window sills to sit on and watch for neighbor cats that occasionally came to visit or spray the front door. I could also watch for birds but since it was December and the snow was on the ground there weren’t too many birds. I was told that they would come later when the weather warmed up. There was this padded thing that they called an Igloo. It had a large hole in the front and I could get in there and curl up. I gave me a sense of security. They actually had two of them, one for Amy and one for me, but most of the time Amy joined me in my Igloo. This was OK with me since it gave me more security albeit a little squashing.

The next few weeks went about the same. I was getting used to my new family and surroundings and enjoying every minute of it. Each day brought new experiences and I learned a lot from Amy. One day I saw her attention focused on the floor and came up to see what she was watching so intently. As soon as I got close she began to growl at me. She apparently had seen something crawling on the floor and didn’t want me to have it. After she chased it around for a while it disappeared and I never saw it again. When I asked her about what she was watching she said it was a bug or maybe even a spider. She cautioned me not to eat one though since I might get sick. I secretly think she ate what ever she was watching though since it disappeared quite quickly. Over the years I learned to believe what ever Amy told me but sometimes I had my doubts. In this case I think her stomach was ruling her thoughts. On the other hand she just may have saved my life.

Trip to the Doctor…

The second week in my new home started off with a trip to the veterinarian. Chuck & Roz wanted to have the local vet check up on me and get his opinion on my condition. I recalled my trip to the vet in Yuma and didn’t mind going again. I was sure it was just going to be a quick check-up to see how I was doing. Amy just grinned at me as mom loaded me into the cat carrier. She had been to the vet once and hated it. The doctor was named Dr. Nelson and was very nice and gentle even when it came to sticking that cold thermometer up my butt. You would think they would warm it up a bit but no such luck. Apparently all was well and they gave Roz some new medication for me. As they loaded me back into the pet carrier, I heard someone say that I should be de-clawed. I had no idea what that was but it didn’t concern me too much. I heard them set a date and then we left. When I got back home I told Amy about my trip to see Dr. Nelson and what they had done. I told her about the de-clawing and she didn’t know what that was either. Boy, did she have a lot to learn.

Early the next week, Roz loaded me in the pet carrier again and I said to Amy, “I’ll see you in a little while.” I should have had a suspicion that something drastic was about to happen since they wouldn’t let me have any food or water the night before. Roz took the pet carrier into the vet while Chuck stayed outside. She just put on the counter and said she would see me tomorrow. Now I was getting a little nervous. In a few minutes the Dr. Nelson came in took me out of the carrier and put me on the table. I was just bracing myself for that dreaded backside
thermometer when I felt a small prick in the skin on my neck. The next thing knew I was getting sleepy and then I lay down. I don’t know what happened next since I was really out of it. A few hours later I began to wake up and look around. I was in a large cage and my front feet were bandaged. They hurt a little when I tried to stand but not too bad. I didn’t feel too much like eating but I was really thirsty so I had a long drink and felt much better. The rest of the day consisted of sleeping and looking out the cage for a familiar face. At that point I would have even welcomed Amy’s face. Later that day I realized that my parents weren’t coming back for me and I remembered Roz saying that she would see me tomorrow. There was nothing to do but wait and try to get some sleep. I had a good dinner but missed the loving that Chuck & Roz always gave me before I went to bed. I didn’t have too good a sleep since I wasn’t alone in that room full of cages. I could hear barking all around me and they never shut up. Amy, later told me that dogs are not too smart – one dog barks at something and the other dogs bark at the barking dog. I guess that running around sniffing other dogs pee would make you kind of dumb.

The next morning I woke up early and started to look for Chuck or Roz to rescue me. A nice lady did come in and pet me a couple of times and finally Dr. Nelson came in and checked my feet. He said that they looked alright and I could go home.

About an hour later I heard a familiar voice in the other room – hooray, it was Roz. She came back to see me and they put me into my own pet carrier and we were soon in the car and heading home. When we got home Roz took the carrier in and placed it down on the kitchen floor. Amy couldn’t wait to see what had happened to me and where I had been for so long. As soon as I stepped out she began to sniff my front paws. They were all red with some kind of medication and smelled awful. I think she even growled at them or maybe she smelled those dogs that I had slept so close to all night. My feet were still sore so I didn’t move around too much. I just lay on the couch and thanked the cat God for bringing me back home. Roz and Chuck were especially nice to me and checked on me ever couple of hours. That evening I had a good dinner and Chuck even gave me a little milk – something I missed since leaving Arizona and my mother’s sweet nipples.
After a few days my feet were back to normal but I couldn’t climb as well as I used to. When I checked them out I found that Dr. Nelson had removed my front claws. Now I knew what de-clawing meant. I didn’t mind it after I got used to grabbing with the pads on the bottom of my feet. I didn’t know how I would fair in a fight but as long as I had my teeth I felt I could hold my own.

All went well for the next couple of weeks and I was enjoying my new life. Amy and I were getting along without too many arguments and occasionally I would sleep up next to her warm furry body. She sure generated a lot of heat which I promptly soaked up.

Most of the time she was in good mood and didn’t growl at me. This all changed when I heard Chuck say that it was time to get Amy de-clawed. I couldn’t wait to spill the beans to her and needless to say she wasn’t too happy with the news. She had given me so much kidding about having no claws on my front feet that I just had to rub it in.

A few days later, Roz brought in the pet carrier and I knew that Amy’s time was approaching. I think she knew it too and she tried to hide from Roz. It was to no avail though and she was soon found. You should have heard her growl and hiss when Roz tried to coax her into the carrier. I guess I should say stuff her in because that was what she had to do. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. Roz then picked up the carrier and hauled it out to the truck which was no easy task since Amy wasn’t the lightest thing in the world. I could hear her protesting all the way out to the truck.

I didn’t see her for the rest of the day but by noon the following day she came home and she wasn’t in any mood to be sociable. I tried to talk to her but she just wanted to be left alone. When I finally got a look at her I saw that Dr. Nelson had worked on all four feet as they were pink from the medication and she really had a hard time walking. I felt sorry for her and tried to kiss her but she just growled and said to stay away and keep my mouth shut. I did just that and didn’t even get within 10 feet of her for the next couple of days. What a grouch! After about a week she began to be sociable again and she told me what had happened. She said that Roz put the carrier on the table in the vet’s office and when Dr. Judy tried to get her out she held on with all her strength and growled and hissed at her all the time. They finally had to turn the carrier upside down and shake her out. Roz left then and Dr. Judy took her into another room where she gave her a shot. When she woke up she was in a cage like the one I was in with dogs barking. She said her feet hurt a little but she was glad to get some sleep. She said she slept almost all night even with those stupid dogs barking and whining. The next morning, the Doctor came in and checked out her feet and told her she could go home soon. She was still mad at Dr. Judy but tried to control her temper and not to growl so much. Judy had a good lunch and soon heard a familiar voice in the other room. She said Amy just started screaming as loud as she could and pretty soon she looked up and saw Roz’s face in the doorway. Roz called her by name and she shut right up.

The next week things were back to normal and we were running around the house like nothing had happened. We were really good friends by now as we had something in common – like no claws. Roz and Chuck gave us lots of attention and bought us toys to play with and lots of cat treats. I especially liked the ones called “Whiskers” since they came in all sorts of flavors like salmon, cheese, beef and the like. I always wondered why they never made a flavor like mouse or bird. If I had been the manufacturer I would have made them and been a rich cat.

Another Trip to the Vet…

When I was about 6 or 7 months old I began to get strange feelings under my tail. I heard Chuck tell Roz that it was time to get me neutered. Once again I didn’t know what they were talking about but I wasn’t too concerned. I figured it meant another trip to the vet and Dr. Nelson but I had been there before and figured it couldn’t be any worse than having my claws removed. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I asked Amy about it and she didn’t have a clue either. Once again I was denied food or water the night before and I figured I would be gone overnight again. It wouldn’t be too bad though even if I did have to put up with those dumb dogs and their constant barking.

The next morning was almost a repeat of my “de-clawing” trip and when Roz dropped me off I just shrugged it off and said, “I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.” After Roz left, I felt that, now familiar, needle prick in my shoulder and went to sleep. A few hours later I woke up and was very groggy. I looked at my feet and they seemed to be alright but I had a hard time sitting. When I lay down and lifted my tail to see what was wrong I was totally shocked. My prize little bumps were gone. The only thing left was the little black bag. Such indignity! I just hoped my voice wouldn’t change too much. That’s all I would need---a high voice like Amy’s. It sure would destroy the macho image that went along with my name. The rest of the day I just sat around, a bit gingerly, I might say, and contemplated my loss. I tried to be optimistic about the situation and after a while I began to feel better about the situation. I figured that there was nothing, or should I say, “nutting”, I could do about it. I might be scarred for life but I wasn’t going to let it get me down. I sure wasn’t going to let Amy rub it in. I just hoped that Amy would have a similar operation.

I had a good night’s sleep with a couple of dreams about my loss. The barking wasn’t too bad and I found that there weren’t as many dogs there as before. It’s a good thing too since I had planned to yowl right back at them as loud as possible.

The next morning I woke up early and checked out my backside to see if I had been dreaming. No such luck, they were still gone! Soon, a nice lady came in and gave me some food and petted me. That made me feel much better but I still wanted Roz. Soon, though, I heard that familiar voice and sure enough it was my beloved lady. Roz came back to see me and soon I was in my carrier and heading home. When we got home and Roz took me into the house, Amy came running up to see what had happened. I stepped out of the carrier and she started sniffing my feet. She soon realized that there was nothing wrong and started exploring the rest of me. I was being stubborn and wouldn’t let her get to close though. I just kept facing her and wouldn’t let her get anywhere my backside. At this point in my return I just didn’t want her laughing at me. It was bad enough to have experienced this loss without haven’t to put up with her taunting. There are something’s a cat needs to be private about and having his balls cut off is one of them. Once again, Chuck & Roz were very loving and comforting to me. I think I got special treatment the next few days from them and also Amy even though I still wouldn’t let her near my backside.

The next few weeks went fine and I was soon back to “normal”. Amy and I were good friends again and I told her what had happened after swearing her to secrecy and making her promise not to laugh. She did pretty well with only the occasional smirk. I just looked at her and told her that her time might be coming. She just laughed and said, “I don’t think so, I don’t have those things sticking out of me.” Well she was wrong!

The next week Roz told her that she had to go to the vet and have an operation. I don’t think it worried her too much, except for the trip and meeting those hated doctors. That evening she was also denied dinner and water and I knew her turn was coming. I still couldn’t figure out how they would perform the operation though since I had looked her over pretty good and sure enough she didn’t have those “bumps”.

Early the next morning, she went to the vet and experienced the same pre-operation procedure. She woke up in a fit and had to be calmed down by an attendant. The next morning, Roz came to her rescue and brought her home. I couldn’t wait to greet her and was grinning as she stepped out of the carrier. She was really embarrassed and wouldn’t talk to me about the procedure for days. I guess they found something to cut out of her too. I am going to be a nice cat though and won’t bug her about her operation. She will tell me what they did when the time comes. I just might give her a dig once in a while though, after all I am a macho cat!
Back to Normal…
Now that things are back to normal with all parts “fixed” we can settle down to a long life with our lovely parents, Chuck & Roz.

It is finally warming up and there are some birds to see out of the window. Chuck set up a bird feeder that attracts lots of birds. They really look delicious and I wish I could get outside and catch one or two. I would even share with you know who on occasion – at least the feathers. I’m so generous! I don’t think Amy would share with me though even if she could catch one which is doubtful since she has put on quite a bit of weight. I know this because she usually gets the best of me when we wrestle on the floor. I try to sneak up on her and get her by the neck but she always flips around and pins me down. I have to yell to get her to let me go. It’s all in fun though and we are really great friends.

Once in a while Roz doesn’t close the screen door tight and I am always trying it to see if I can get out. I think I would be OK outside and could take care of myself. I haven’t heard of any coyotes around here but there are the occasional dog going by. Most of them are on a leash and look friendly. Maybe sometime I’ll make it and see what happens. Amy and I always worry Chuck & Roz though and whenever they go anywhere, which is about once a week, they always look for us to make sure we are alright. We both have our favorite hiding places and they know where to look but sometimes we come up with a new one and then the frantic search begins. They are never gone too long so we don’t worry when we don’t see them for a while. Roz always makes sure our food and water bowls are full when they leave for more than a day. It’s sure nice to have such caring people look after us.

The spring and summer went by without much incident for us. It did get hot for a few days but that was OK with me since my little body needs all the warmth it can get. I wish I could store it up for the colder parts of the year.

To be continued…Back to Arizona