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My Autocatography (Part three)

Story ID:9882
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Dillon Montana USA
Person:Max the cat
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My Autocatography (Part three)
By Max - As meowed to Chuck Dishno

Squashed Cat…

A few months into my new life an incident occurred that almost ended it right there. I have told you about my original parents, Daune and Austin and how Daune would roll me around the floor with her bare feet. It always felt so good with her warm feet on one side and that cool terrazzo floor on the other. I liked it so much I would run ahead of her and lay down so she could put her foot on my body.

That rolling was one of the things I missed when I moved in with Chuck and Roz. Of course I missed my sister but that was different than getting my body massaged by a bare foot. I tried to get Chuck or Roz to do it but I didn’t know how to tell them what to do. Amy said they had never done it to her, at least not on purpose. She suggested that I lie down on the carpet and see what would happen.

That was when the trouble started. One evening about 10pm, Chuck got up to go to the bathroom. I thought this would be a good time to try and get my rub. I ran ahead of him and flopped down on my side in the hallway, not realizing how dark it was. This combined with the fact that Chuck only has one eye was almost my demise. He stepped forward just as I lay down and his big foot came down on my side. He tried to stop himself but couldn’t do it in time. I felt this great pressure on my chest and when I got up I couldn’t breathe. I was gasping and wheezing like mad. I really struggled to get my breath. Chuck picked me up and held me close to his body, trying to comfort me. He was really worried and I was struggling to get some air back in my lungs. I started to feel a little better in a few minutes so Chuck called Dr. Nelson at home. Fortunately the doctor’s office was just a few blocks away. Dr. Nelson said to meet him at the office in about 15 minutes. Chuck gave me to Roz to hold and we went to the car. I was still gasping somewhat but I was feeling a little better. In a few minutes we were at the doctor’s office and he was waiting inside for us. Chuck carried me in and put me down on a table. I just lay there and looked up at all those people I loved, hoping it would not be my last. Dr. Nelson was very gentle with me and began to check out my chest and rib cage. He felt under my ribs and finally told Chuck & Roz that he thought I would be alright as soon as I got my breath back. He said he was worried that the pressure had ruptured my diaphragm, in which case there was nothing he could do for me. He was so gentle and caring; I made up my mind that I would not give up. His hands were so big and soft I felt like I was being held in a giant cradle. After about 15 minutes he said I could go home. He told Chuck to keep an eye on me, but he thought the danger had passed.

When we got back home, Chuck & Roz stuck to me like glue and I responded by purring to my heart’s content. They put me on that nice fuzzy blanket and kept checking on me through the night. It was a long time before I even thought of rolling on the floor again, especially in front of a big foot like Chucks. I wasn’t ready to give up my young life just yet. I had heard that cats have 9 lives and figure that now I only have 8 left. With so many more years to live, I must be very careful.

Routine Days, Routine Life…

Life now was becoming very routine. It would be get up about 6am, visit the potty box, have a little breakfast then go sit outside Chuck’s door and listen for him to start waking up. As soon as I heard movement in his room I would let out a little yowl. If he didn’t open the door right away, I would let out a louder one and so on until he would let me in. Sometimes Amy would join me and since she had such a pitiful meow and couldn’t be heard through the door, she developed the habit of drumming on it with her big front paws. She had lots of stamina and could keep up a continuous drumming for minutes on end. I could never understood how she could do it so long. I would try and would poop out in about 30 seconds. When I finally gained access to Chuck’s room I would hop on his bed and get my morning rub. I really loved this and would roll and purr while he scratched my back and rub my belly. If it was cold I would get under the covers since it was still warm and sometimes he would leave the electric blanket on for me.

Chuck would get dressed then head out for coffee with his friends. I usually had the house to myself for a little while until Roz woke up. Sometimes, Amy would start her drumming on Roz’s door but I never did. I figured she needed the sleep and left her alone. She took such good care of us by always keeping our food and water bowls filled and making sure we always had a clean potty box, I just couldn’t let myself disturb her sleep. What a nice cat, I am!

After Roz got up, the first thing she would do is check our food and water supply. Sometimes it was low since we ran around a lot at night and worked up quite an appetite. We tried to be quiet but with a total of about 15 pounds of cat running at full speed down the hall, it’s not easy being quiet.

After Roz took care of us she would open the drapes in the living room and dining room. This would let a lot of sunshine in and we would take turns rolling on the sunny spots on the carpet. We would then go to the window and look outside for birds and strange cats. This was a very relaxing time for us cats and we enjoyed our daily routine.

August 4th 1997…

Amy and I were about the same age but never knew what day our birthdays fell on. One day I heard Roz say to Chuck, “You know what, your birthday is August 4th and we think our two cats were born sometime in August, I think we should just make August 4th the date for all your birthdays.” Chuck said that this would be OK with him so it was set. This really made me happy as now I had an official birthday and something to look forward to. Besides, Chuck said that August 4th made him a Leo so that made us Leos too. I wasn’t sure what a Leo was but when I found out, I was really excited. Wow, a Leo is a big cat and I was told that it was a ferocious one too. That suited me just fine and it went along with my macho name. Amy didn’t give a hoot one way or the other.

Now that I knew my birthday, I started dreaming about all the presents I would be getting. I could envision a chocolate mouse or maybe a tuna flavored bird or something like that. I would have settled for just about anything as long as I didn’t have to bat it around and act too much like a city cat. I wanted something I could sink my teeth into. Amy wished for a catnip mouse or squirrel. She is such a normal cat she makes me sick sometimes.

Well our birthdays finally came around and I didn’t get what I wished for but Roz made Chuck a German dinner called Rouladen. It smelled great and I got to sit on his knee and lick the gravy off his finger. He used to let me do that with milk and I was used to it. I would sit on the floor and pat his leg with my left paw until he picked me up and gave me a treat. Roz said I was spoiling him but she should talk, she let Amy crawl on her lap when she was reading of sewing and roll over like a new baby. Talk about being spoiled!

I did get a ball to chase across the floor and it was fun for awhile but I soon got tired of it and would bat it under the kitchen table or sewing machine, then pretend not to know where it went hoping they would forget about it.

Amy got her catnip mouse and she really liked it – too much – she licked and licked it until it was stiff with her slobber. I tried it a couple of times but as far as I was concerned it smelled terrible so I just let her have it. I will take my Rouladen anytime.

All in all it was a good birthday. I was now 1 year old and gaining weight. I weighed almost 4 pounds and my skinny body was starting to fill out. My fur was getting dark and I had the appearance of a mature Seal Point Siamese cat. That made me very proud of my heritage. I could look in the hall mirror and say, “Wow, there was no alley cat in that woodpile!”