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My Autocatography (Part four)

Story ID:9885
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Dillon Montana USA
Person:Max the cat
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My Autocatography (Part four)
By Max - As meowed to Chuck Dishno

On the Road Again…

It was getting toward fall and one day I heard Chuck and Roz talking about traveling in their trailer again. This bothered me since I remember the last trip and how afraid I was. They said something about Yuma and that brought back memories. I hoped that they weren’t thinking about taking me back to my original home. I sometimes missed my sister and would love to see her again but she probably would be gone by now to some nice home. I would like to see Daune and Austin again too but they probably wouldn’t remember me since it had been so long and I had changed so much. I guess I shouldn’t worry about these things but I just can’t help it. When I mentioned it to Amy she just said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, what happens happens.”

About the last week in October, Roz was started packing up boxes of thing to take on the trip. I heard her say that we would be gone for several months so she had to make sure she had lots of clothes and of course her books. Chuck was packing lots of his things too, such as his computer and all his magazines. I didn’t care what they took as long as they packed lots of kitty food and our litter box. I watched all these proceedings with great “cat curiosity” but Amy just slept through the whole process. Nothing seemed to worry her but I was a different case. I guess it is just my nature to worry. When you have had your life interrupted like I did when I was only 4 months old it was only natural to be concerned. In retrospect, I needn’t have worried though. They are loving parents and picked me up and petted me more often than usual making me feel really safe.

About a week later, I heard that dreaded truck start up and bang into the trailer. I knew the time was rapidly approaching for our trip. Roz made so many trips to the trailer with stuff that I feared that there wouldn’t be room for me. I think it was Saturday morning when Chuck looked outside and said it had started to snow. He and Roz really ran around and finished packing the trailer then they grabbed Amy and I and put us in too. As before, we were locked in the bedroom and in a few minutes the trailer started rocking and rolling again, so I knew we were on our way. This time I wasn’t too frightened and stayed on the bed. Amy comforted me as we bounced along.

That evening we stopped in an RV park where it was really cold. Chuck turned up the heater though and we were soon warm. We had a good evening and the whole process started again the next morning. About 2 days later we stopped in Lake Havasu City again and I heard Chuck say he had called his brother, Bud. They were to meet them at a restaurant and wouldn’t be coming over which really made me happy as I wouldn’t have to see that stupid dog again. When they came back from the dinner they said that tomorrow morning we would leave for Yuma and be there by mid afternoon. I heard them say they would stay put in Yuma for about 4 months. That made me happy and I had a good night’s sleep for the first time since leaving Dillon.

Yuma Again…

Once we were set up in Yuma I began to explore the windows. The first time I was there a few months ago I vaguely remember seeing something furry scampering about when I looked out the back window. I didn’t know what it was at the time and it scared me a bit but I was older now and decided to live up to my macho name. I went to the same window and sure enough as soon as I parted the curtains, there they were. They kind of looked like a small cat but they sure didn’t walk like one. They hopped around on their back legs and had these long funny ears. If they were cats they sure weren’t Siamese. No self respecting Siamese would have ears like that! They also kept pooting out these funny little round pellets from their backside. Nothing like us macho cats would do, or should I say “doo doo”. Ha Ha, I just had to make a joke. I asked Amy if she knew what they were but she didn’t have a clue either. I knew she wouldn’t since she wasn’t too bright sometimes. We were so intent on looking out that window that Roz came over to see what we were looking at. She then said, “Hey Chuck, look at the little rabbits out here.” The mystery was solved. They were rabbits or bunnies as I later heard someone call them.

The next few days were consumed with looking out the window at those bunnies. Once in a while they would look up and see us then they would scamper under a bush or another trailer. It was fun trying to scare them and I tried putting on the scariest faces I could think of. Once in a while I would see my reflection in the window and it would scare me too. Amy tried making a face or two but I told her she need not try since her face looked scary enough anyway. I was just kidding of course since she has a beautiful face. I was just trying to get her riled up.

A few days after we got there, Chuck’s friend Bill came over to see us. Bill is a nice guy and he and Chuck were good friends and would go out for coffee each morning.

One day when Bill came by he said he wanted to bring in a friend he had with him. I was always eager to meet new friends but when Bill came in he had the funniest looking animal I had ever seen. He held it under his arm and said his name was Perro – horrors, it was a dog! It was only the second dog I had ever seen and that was two too many as far as I was concerned. The other, of course, was that mutt of Buds and now Perro. I guess Perro was a nice dog but he seemed anxious to get down on the floor and chase us cats. Amy just stood her ground with her right paw cranked back daring him to advance. I think he saw this and held off. I hid under the chair and looked out while Amy growled at him. When she gets riled up she can really make ferocious noises. Perro wanted no part of that big cat so he jumped back on Bill’s lap and stayed there. I, now knew who my protector would be if it ever came down to life or death. My level of love for her greatly increased at that moment.

The next few weeks went by without incident and we just enjoyed our life in the trailer. Besides bunnies, as I had grown to affectionately call them, there were lots of birds to look at. I wish I could get out sometime and catch one of them since they looked so delicious. The only problem was that there were lots of dogs being walked by on leashes. I think that’s smart, to keep those dumb dogs on a leash. If they were allowed to run where ever they wanted, I can just imagine the mess they would make lifting their leg on everything they saw. I don’t think Yuma and Desert Holiday RV Park needed another “doggie newspaper” just yet.

One morning, Roz said it was time to go back to the veterinarian for a check-up. I didn’t mind this one bit since I remembered her from the last time and she was so nice to me. She even kissed me on the top of the head when I left. I was looking forward to the return trip and perhaps another kiss. I just told, mom to let Dr. Hougo know that I was on my way and to get that thermometer warmed up.

The next morning, Roz packed me into the pet carrier and we were off. Amy just hid when she saw the carrier since she thought she might have to go too. I told her to relax, this was my trip and I was going to enjoy it. I wasn’t a bit afraid, after all what more could they do to me. I had already lost my claws and balls and as far as I was concerned there wasn’t much left. Mom said I shouldn’t be so graphic and that I should refer to them as testicles but I just said, “Hey, Mom, you call them what you want, balls are balls!” She said I had been around Chuck too much.

The trip to see Dr. Hougo was a short one and I didn’t even get out a yowl. I was just too excited to be seeing her again. Dr. Hougo had a nice office and we had to wait for a while until my name was called. The biggest problem was that the office was filled with dogs and boy do they stink. I can just imagine them lifting their legs on everything in the office.

When my name was called I just sat up and looked my best. I was determined to show those dogs what a good looking animal should look like. Dr. Hough’s assistant first put me on the scale and weighed me after which she used that dreaded thermometer again. After the indignity was over I just lay there waiting for my friend to come in. In a few minutes I was rewarded by her nice voice and soft hands picking me up. She looked at my chart and remarked on how much I had grown and filled out. I was up to almost 4 pounds now and everything seemed normal. She said I should continue to take the medication and be sure to come back before I left for Dillon. She is such a nice lady I was determined to give her a present the next time. I was then given my kiss and put back into the carrier for the trip through that dog infested lobby.

Needless to say, I was glad to get back to the trailer and tell Amy about the visit. She immediately ran around to my backside and started to sniff. I growled at her and said, “Hey, Amy, get out of there, this isn’t any darn dog scandal sheet you know and there is no news back there.” We had a good laugh over that and soon I told her about the visit and those dogs and of course the kiss.

After that trip, it was back to normal – eating, sleeping and watching out the window. Don’t get me wrong, life was far from boring and I looked forward to each new day. Occasionally Chuck would even take me out on the patio and hold me. I loved that and if he went out to sit by himself I would stand by the screen door and yowl until he gave in and took me out. I would sit on his lap and watch all the people go by. Most of them had a dog on a leash but I felt safe with Chuck holding me. He was my big protector and I knew he would never let anything happen to me. He would tell me stories about my predecessor, Sam, who lived to be over 18 years old. I could tell he really loved Sam, the way he talked about him. He said he loved to lie on the outside table and roll in the sunshine. Chuck said Sam was doing that on the last day of his life and when I looked up, I saw a tear on Chuck’s cheek. I made up my mind right then and there that I would be just as good as his Sam and give him all the love I could muster for the rest of my life. Life is great and too short not to be loved and I loved Chuck and knew there was much love in return.

To be continued...