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Story ID:9886
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities All States USA and world wide
Person:Master Mason
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By Fred Wickert

For most of my adult life I have heard reports of the secret society of Master Masons. I have seen many ads in magazines where one can buy books exposing the Masons and revealing all their secrets. I have seen reports on television claiming the Master Masons are a secret society that controls all the world’s money and all the world’s governments. That they are themselves a secret shadow government of the world and control everything. They are said to have all the wars and conflicts intentionally to manipulate the world’s markets so they can get richer.

A few days ago I heard a news commentator say the Master Masons might have something to do with some of the world happenings and that they are an ancient secret society believed to be associated with the Knights Templar of long ago and with the Rosicrucians. That was when I decided enough is enough and I had to do something about it.

BALDERDASH! Complete balderdash ladies and gentlemen. What gives me the idea I know that? After all if it was in the TV news it had to be right didn’t it? No, it didn’t. There is much on TV news that has no truth to it at all. As for me and what do I know? The answer is very simple. I am a Master Mason and have been for 40 years. My father was one before me. During the 1960’s, for a short time I was also a member of the Rosicrucians.

I can tell you first, the Master Masons and the Rosicrucians have no connection at all. One has nothing to do with the other.

I can also tell you the Masons do not in any way control the world. They do not control financial markets and they do not control any government.

Let me tell you what the Masons really are. They are a fraternity of men. They structure their fraternity based on the Masons who built King Solomon’s Temple. We call those men who built King Solomon’s Temple “Operative Masons,” and we call ourselves, “Speculative Masons.”

Many claim we are a religion. Many claim you cannot be one if you are a Catholic. We are not a religion. We do believe in God and to become a member, one must believe in God. If one does not believe in God he will not be accepted as a member. As for Catholics, we do not bar anyone from any faith as long as he believes in God. In the past the Catholic Church did not want their members to become Masons. A decade or two ago the pope changed that. I once knew a Catholic who was a Mason. He was dying from cancer. His priest said he could not officiate at his funeral or permit the service to be held in the church unless it was a closed casket. He said he was going to be in big trouble with the church if he did. Why? It was because Masons wear their Masonic Apron to the grave. They are buried wearing it. It could be seen in an open casket.

Much is said about all the secrets of Masonry and the fraternity is often painted as some sinister group of mysterious people. Yes, we have our secrets and our secret words and signs and signals and handshakes. Often Masons visit other places and when they do, they like to go to the meeting of another lodge. We can identify each other with these words and signs. We can tell whether a person is really who he says or if he is an imposter. It is as simple as that. Our secrets can all be found in the Holy Bible. In each of our meetings the Holy Bible is open and on the altar until the meeting is over.

I wear a ring with the symbol of our fraternity on it and I also wear a belt buckle with that symbol on it. It is a carpenters framing square and a draftsman’s compass, one laid over the other forming a triangle in the middle. In that middle is the capital letter G which stands for God. On the side of my ring is also the symbol of a plumb bob. To be plumb means to be perfectly straight up and down and it is checked by the bubble in a level. By these symbols we as Master Masons are always reminded to conduct our lives so as to be on the level, walking upright in the eyes of God and man, and to act on the square. In other words be square with all you deal with. Never be crooked.

The motto of the fraternity is: “Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love.”
Do you still think we are some sinister cult?
Going back to our symbol of the square and compass with the letter “G” in the middle, let me elaborate a little on the letter “G”. To we Masons the letter “G” stands for Geometry, the science. The ancients believed Geometry most revealed the Glory of God and his works in the heavens, and it also stands for God who must be at the center of all our thoughts and all our efforts.

So, who exactly are we and what do we do? We try to look out for each other and we are deeply concerned with widows and orphans of our brother Masons. Our main focus is on community service.

It is the oldest fraternity in the world. Several of our founding fathers were Master Masons, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. History, tradition and pride are central concepts in our lives. Each state has it’s own Grand Lodge. I am a member of a lodge within New York State and under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of New York. What I will say next is in New York State but other states I am sure you will find do similar things.

In New York we organize blood drives, volunteer at local schools, and we run a child I.D. program that reaches 15,000 kids a year. We operate training sessions for school districts to help their faculties identify children at risk for substance abuse. In our own lodge we give scholarships every year at the local school and I know other lodges do the same.

We operate the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory in Utica, NY which is world renowned for some of the important breakthroughs it has achieved. Next door to the laboratory we operate Acacia Village, a facility for Masons and their wives to live out their lives in a community where supported living is provided while affording complete family privacy. All medical and nursing needs are provided but there is freedom, recreation, dining hall, movie theater, shops, library and just about anything the residents could want or need right here on the premises.

We operate the Robert R. Livingston library and museum at New York City and at Utica, New York. We run the Youth camp, Camp Turk at Woodgate, NY, and the DeWint House at Tappan. We have a Masonic Brotherhood Fund which supports many other charitable activities, among them the outreach program at Veterans Hospitals.

Back in the 1980’s there was a big drive for donations for the refurbishing of the Statue of Liberty. New York State Masons contributed in the neighborhood of three million dollars for that project and also laid the cornerstone for it.

We lay corner stones for many worthwhile projects. We support community events. We sponsor ladies groups such as the Order of Eastern Star, White Shrine, Amaranth, and youth groups for girls such as Triangle, Rainbow, Constellation and Job’s Daughters. For boys we sponsor the Order of DeMolay. Many local lodges also support their local chapters of Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts and Little League.

The Masonic Fraternity has a total of 32 degrees. The majority are only Master Masons, going only as far as the third degree. The 32nd degree Masons are the Shriners. The Shriners are known primarily by the public by their Fez or little red hat with a tassel that they wear. It is a little like the Boy Scouts. Most are just scouts, but a few are Eagle Scouts. They are at the top and more accomplished than most.

The Shriners across the country support at least five hospitals. There may be more but I know for sure there are at least five. These hospitals were built and equipped and staffed entirely by the Shriners. They are children’s hospitals. They specialize in children that other hospitals have given up on or flat out said they can’t help them.

These hospitals do not discriminate. It does not matter what your race, ethnicity, religion or anything else is. They specialize in saving children that have been given up on and they perform miracles every day. There is never any charge for their services. It is all paid for by money raised by the Shriners.

It is tradition that from time to time Shriners go visit the kids at one of these hospitals. When they do they must bring a gift, not for just one child but for every child on the ward they are going to visit.

It is a tradition among Masons that every Mason conduct himself in an exemplary manner. Masons are human like everybody else and some mess up. When one of our members does something unacceptable, if he dares show his face in the lodge his lodge brothers will tell him in no uncertain terms that what he has done is unacceptable. He will then be shunned by his brothers until he changes his ways and makes amends.

All I have written here is the truth. There is no embellishment. I have told you with complete honesty what and who the Master Masons are. Anything you hear or read contrary to what I have said I can assure you is not true. We do not run a shadow government, we do not control the worlds finances. We are not a sinister organization and we do not do dastardly things. We do good works and we strive to be better citizens.
It is the ultimate goal of a Master Mason that no voice of distress reaches our ears in vain and that no hand will seek our aid without a response.

Now you know the truth about who and what is a Master Mason.

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