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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities None Israel
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By Fred Wickert

The president, the attorney general, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Democrats in general and the American version of Pravda – you know, the liberal media. I can’t really call it News media any more, all have a great deal to say about racism.

Barely a day goes by without somebody being accused of being a racist. All they have to do is disagree with any liberal point of view and automatically you are branded a racist. It makes little difference at all whether you really are or not. The truth doesn’t seem to matter these days.

After World War II the nation and indeed the biggest part of the free world condemned what became known as the Holocaust. Hitler had caused more than six million Jews to be put to death. Most of them were killed in gas chambers built specifically for the purpose. The cry was that it must never happen again.

Less commonly known was the fact that the Soviet Union also under Stalin, had millions of Jews exterminated. Oh how terrible we thought it was and how important that it or anything like it never be allowed to happen again.

That was a mere seven decades ago. Now in the Middle East there are nations and large organized groups of terrorists who have among their stated goals, the complete and total eradication of Jews and of Israel. These same people also deny the holocaust ever happened.

Israel is a tiny little nation in the Middle East. The territory they occupy is very small. They have only had that territory for 60 years or so. From the beginning the United States has sworn to be their friend and ally and to help defend them against all enemies.

The nations of the Middle East banded together and attacked them. Their goal was to eradicate them. Israel shocked the world. In six days they defeated the attackers and took a lot of their territory. Later they gave back most of the territory they had taken. They kept the Golan Heights because from those heights they were fired upon before and for the enemy it was like shooting fish in a barrel. It had to be kept by Israel for their own self preservation.

From that time on, Israel has been attacked on a regular basis by rockets and missiles being fired into their country from the Palestinian territory or Lebanon. From time to time there are raids in to their territory and their people kidnapped and taken as prisoner across the border.

Every now and then these attacks become so bad, so frequent and so disruptive the Israelis attack in self defense. They try to hit those places they know the missiles are being launched from. After a while when enough damage has been suffered or the enemy has lost all their missiles, a cease fire is agreed upon. Never is Israel the aggressor but always Israel is greatly criticized by the international community.

Before Barack Obama ever became president he had written two books about himself. In his books he claims to have become a Christian under the guidance of one Reverend Wright in Chicago. You know, the one who preaches, “God damned America.” He also tells in his book that he thinks one day there may be trouble between the Muslims and the Christians and Jews, and he says when that happens he will be on the side of the Muslims.

Every president since Jimmy Carter has tried to make a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. They have had as their goal to have the Palestinians have their own government and to be recognized as a separate state or nation. Time after time each president has tried and failed. Always – every single time – Israel is asked to make enormous and unreasonable concessions. Each time, because Israel wants more than anything to live in peace, gives in to those demands. Each time the Palestinians back out of the deal and refuse. Even so, somehow Israel is always blamed.

In the first place it is all rubbish. The Palestinians already have their own state. It is called Jordan. The nation of Jordan is in the majority of their population, Palestinian. Jordan’s people are for the most part, Palestinian. It is almost as if the people who live in Long Island all of a sudden decide they are no longer Americans and no longer New Yorkers. They want their own state and their own government, and they hate Brooklyn and Manhattan and all in between. Because they hate them they are going to get a bunch of guns and missiles and start shooting at them every day until they run away and give them all their territory. They will get their guns and missiles from Cuba and some other place like maybe Venezuela, who don’t like New Yorkers anyway.

Since Obama took office he has tried to throw Israel under the bus. He has not been friendly to Israel. Hillary Clinton while over there negotiating allegedly for better relations between the two made it obvious her sentiments were with the Palestinians. John Kerry has done the same thing.

John Kerry went so far after some recent negotiations went nowhere when he had huffed and puffed that he was going to succeed where all others had failed, told Israel they were going to have to learn to behave better or words to that effect.

In the process of course, Israel had to stop negotiating because the Palestinians suddenly joined with Hamas, sharing their control and government half and half with Hamas. The charter of Hamas declares their top goal is to wipe out Israel and to kill every last Jew. They are also on the terrorist list of the free world. To John Kerry, Israel is to blame the talks failed.

Hamas has been firing hundreds of missiles into Israel every night, with the intent of killing as many Israeli people as possible and to destroy as much property as possible. Israel showed remarkable restraint.

Finally Israel had enough. They called up troops. Israel knew some areas where the missiles were being fired from. They flew over those areas and dropped leaflets telling the Palestinians they were going to hit their area and to get out of th area for their safety. Many did leave and then Israel hit the target.

Israel has done everything possible to save innocent life. Hamas has done just the opposite. Hamas has placed scores of missiles in schools and hospitals and other places in the middle of civilian people. I cannot say innocent people because innocent people would not allow it.

Israel seeks out these missiles and tries to destroy them before they can be fired at Israel. In the process, in spite of all the do to spare civilian life, people do get killed.

For this the Obama administration criticizes Israel. They support the Palestinians. We are giving the Palestinians billions of dollars. The Palestinians are now Hamas. Hamas is on our terrorist list. Why are we giving them money? Israel, not Hamas is our ally but you will never know it from the words and actions of the Obama administration or the Democrat party.

Israel wants us to help with money for more shells for the iron dome defense. Obama wants almost 4 billion dollars for the women and kids coming across our border illegally. Now the Democrats in the Senate have tied defense help for Israel to get more ammo for Iron Dome which shoots down most, not all of the missiles fired at them, to the mostly waste of 4 billion dollars for Obama for illegals.

The rhetoric from the administration, the media and from all over Europe has been blaming Israel and being sympathetic to the Palestinians who are getting killed. Hamas is killing them because Hamas is storing their missiles and firing their missiles from among the civilians. Strong Anti-Semitism is being shown in both rhetoric and in actions.

These are the same people who are so quick to charge racism. Is not Anti-Semitism also racism against Jews? If you know, please tell me the difference.

How interesting that the people who decry racism in our country the most, are the biggest racists of all, especially when it comes to the Jews that we are sworn to protect and defend.

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