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Don't Come to See Me

Story ID:9896
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Sickened Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Dont Come to See Me

Many years ago
When I was just nine or ten
My Dad took me to an Old Folks Home
To visit my Uncle Ken

Uncle Ken always gave me a new quarter
He would take me by the hand
Wed get a couple horses
And ride all over his Ranch land

He was always talking to me
Treating me to suckers and such
Hale, hearty and happy man
And I loved him so much

Hed take me to town
While he got a shave and trim
He always smelled so good
As I walked out with him

On my every birthday
He would send me money
A couple silver dollars
Or a new bridle for my pony

At the poor house, when we walked into his room
I smelled the odor of pee
Three other old men snoring
Uncle Ken didnt even know me

His hair was a mess
Face covered with a scraggly beard
Three front teeth missing
The feeling I got was weird

This couldnt be my Uncle Ken
He was always neat and trim
I felt sick at my stomach
This just wasnt him.

I pulled away from my Dad
I ran down the hall
Past the people tied in their wheelchairs
I wanted to bawl

I got out into the front yard
Not before someone grabbed my arm
By some toothless old lady
Who called me son,

I was surrounded by
Grinning old men and women in wheel chairs
Who wanted to take me by the hand
Dad came out and we got out of there

Today Now I understand

At the age of 87
This scene I recall
I feel completely different
About it all

Those old folks in their wheelchairs
Just wanted a smile, you see
Just a touch on their weathered hand
Maybe just a smile or a greeting from me.

I have lost some great friends
Lost some relatives too
Each loss leaves a vacancy
This I relate to you

Boyhood friends who
Fished and Hunted, ice skated and listened to me
While I went on
About how hard my Dad was to please

Dont believe me
Visit an Old folks Home
Just waiting for their time
Waiting, waiting all alone

Today I would touch every outstretched hand
Today I would return every smile
If I had time Id
Talk with each one for a little while

Whether they heard me or not
Maybe they would understand
Just a simple little gesture
As you held their hand.

So Uncle Ken if you can hear me
Ive changed from my younger days
I send love and smiles
Up your way

Now Im older
Complete change of attitude
I see things more clearly
Never again be rude.

Monte L. Manka 07-27-2014