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Happy's Korner, July 2014

Story ID:9899
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:In Memory
Location:Dillon Montana USA
Person:Happy Chuck
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Happy’s Korner…
By Chuck Dishno
July 28, 2014

I am happy that one week from today I will turn 80 and it looks like I will make it.

I am happy that the weather here in beautiful Dillon hasn’t gotten above 85 degrees.

I am happy that this morning I didn’t have to wear a flannel shirt to ride to coffee.

I am happy that Roz came in a while ago and announced that we have one tomato on our two plants.

I am happy that little things like that make my beautiful China Doll, Roz happy.

I am happy to have felt a small earthquake this morning. That means that I can still feel and the earth is alive.

I am happy that a friend brought by a nice mess of brooks trout for dinner tonight. Fresh trout and one tomato, not bad.

I am happy to have friends to do things like that for me since I can’t walk anymore.

I am happy to look out my window and see the birds emptying my bird feeder in about 3 hours.

I am happy to feed the birds and they are not homeless.

I am happy to have two laptops, one to put down my thoughts and one that purrs (Eddy the cat).

I am happy to know that I have the most loving wife, cook, back scratcher and partner in my every endeavor that a man could hope for.

I am happy to hear Roz say, “What my first wife threw away, she is going to keep.”

I am happy that she said that, 45 years ago and still believes in me.

I am happy to hear her say, when someone asks her how she puts up with Chuck, “He makes me laugh.”

I am happy that Roz is my very best friend in the world and I am hers.

I am happy that we both believe in and awesome God and after our stay on earth is over we will spend eternity together in Heaven.

I am happy that Roz and I have so many memories of our 45 years together.

I am happy that I still believe that our good old United States will survive and come back even stronger than before.

I am happy to have so many email and OurEcho friends who take me for what I am.
I am happy that even though I could have many things to complain about, I don’t let them bother me.

I am happy that I am an eternal optimist and I will survive no matter what comes. God will look after me and take me into His arms when the time comes.

I am Happy, Happy, Happy!