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Need to Spay and Alter

Story ID:9919
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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Today is World Elephant Day. I am so glad that many of us respect these wonderful
creatures. I think though that God had a sense of humor when He created them.
Such huge lumbering mammals with swaying proboscises. And yet despite their
size, they can be very gentle and are devoted to family. I also remember that they
can be sensitive and caring. When their friend died in S. Africa some years ago, they
marched miles to the compound where he lay in state. That has always made me
look at them in awe. How did they know he died? How did they know that they
should pay him homage in death? What ever the explanations, they deserve
better from man – much better.

However, I am writing today about their other fellow living creatures – the dogs
and cats who are suffering because of our poor stewardship. I am hoping that
other people will help with this ever recurring and perennial problem – the over
population of cats and dogs. My letter to my local superintendent will explain
my concerns:

Dear Superintendent,

I hope this will be read by you. I wonder how many letters such as mine probably
are unceremoniously dumped and recycled without you reading them?

On Care2 yesterday I read about this New York Island which is a dumping ground
for unwanted cats. I was horrified, but to tell you the truth – not surprised. Since
1975 when I got my first inspirational little puppy Peaches I became more and more
disillusioned with man’s lack of concern for not only cats and dogs but for all of
God’s animal creation. But this letter is re the terrible OVER POPULATION OF
CATS AND DOGS problem by people with absolutely no concern about what happens
to them once they are born because they are basically uncaring and irresponsible

So you may commiserate, but are scratching your head as to what you can do
about this. Well, I believe that somehow we should get to the children in a
program which can be called something like SO YOU GOT A NEW PET IN YOUR
HOME? I was trying to look at this suggestion from your perspective. Some parents
might object to any indoctrination in this regard, but a non-threatening sounding
course title probably would not alarm them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if EVERY school in the nation had built into its syllabus
a chapter or a class on this topic –every year? It could be incorporated in one
grade like the fifth grade or it can be included in a science class for all grades
5th to 12th. Yes, I’m making it sound easy. Well, if something is worth doing,
then it shouldn’t be all that difficult to incorporate. If we can get to the children
and youth the importance of altering and spaying our pets, wouldn’t that be
a worthwhile educational program?


I hope I get some favorable responses, but sadly am not too optimistic.


I have been writing letters like this for all the years since Peaches came into my
life almost 40 years ago. Do they do any good? I really can’t say, but I certainly
hope so. Just today I mailed this letter to the Superintendents of both the Cleveland
Metropolitan Schools and the Lakewood School System. I had written to the Cleveland
Superintendent a couple of years ago asking him to implement a course re animal
care and compassion similar to the one a school in Philadelphia had incorporated.
Sadly, I never heard from him. Do I expect different now? Well, despite many of my
letters going to naught, I feel doing something is better than doing nothing.

If you think the idea has merit – will you also write any all superintendents in your
environ. I hope to tackle all the suburbs of Cleveland next. Hopefully, someone will
respond compassionately.