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Pig Slamming and Dog Burning

Story ID:9924
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Stephensville Wisconsin usa
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This past week was particularly hard on those of us on the Catholic Vegan Facebook
site. I think we were all disappointed to find out that St. Richardís in Stephensville,
WI has been engaged in a yearly fun fest which can be called either a pig fight
or pig slamming.

We all wondered whether or not there there were any people of compassion in St.
Richardís. Were there none or were they afraid to come forward? We also wondered
about the clergy- did they approve of this pig fight where some 37 pigs were punched
in the face, kicked, body-slammed, yelled at and thrown on top of a barrel. (You can
probably find a video re this spectacle on the internet).

I doubt that St. Francis would approve and for those of us who respect all Godís animal
creatures, this was truly an unspeakable cruelty but maybe not as bad as the cruel
dog burning in China which will follow.

What shocked many of us was that this has been going on for 40 years, and despite
our e-mails of protest, they say it will go on again next year. Maybe some of us on the
Vegan Facebook link were surprised by this. Sadly I was not. I have been aware of
animal cruelty for years and in my small way have tried to educate Catholics re this. So
far- I havenít been too successful. Certainly nothing changed since I sent a letter to all
the Bishops- including the ones in Wisconsin re our lack of compassion for animals.

Many of us tried reaching the pastor and the deacon of this church. None of us -to my
knowledge succeeded in even getting a response. Some may have even e-mailed the
bishop and the pope, but I am not sure of this.

But there is hope. I was happy to find out that the Global Conservation Group is planning
to file a lawsuit against the church ďfor animal endangerment, child endangerment and
violating Wisconsin Crimes Against Animals Chapter 951. 08.Ē Good for them and may
God bless their endeavors.

They are asking for any monetary support from those of us who want to put a stop to this
cruel event as well as get justice for the 37 pigs who were beaten and brutally killed at
this event. I truly hope and pray that they prevail and that this will be the last year of
this cruelty.


At this same Catholic Vegan Facebook site was a video of a most cruel and diabolical
burning of a dog in China. We were warned that this was very disturbing, and it certainly
was. This emaciated dog already writhing in pain because he or she was only skin and
bones was set on fire. We could not ever imagine that anyone could be so cruel, but
we saw only the feet of the monster who did this as well as the feet of some very uncaring
on- lookers who should have tried to stop this horror but did not.

Even though hard to watch, I forwarded it on. Yes it takes a certain type of courage that
not all people possess to watch this, but I think we should all see the cruelty man is capable
of, and Iím sorry to say China seems to have little respect for the lives of animals generally.

We were also reminded that the Raccoon dogs there are skinned alive for their fur. Iíll
say that again Ė DOGS ARE SKINNED ALIVE FOR THEIR FUR. Can you even begin to
imagine their pain? My God, why canít they kill them first? Yes, I probably know the
reason- the fur will be fluffier as a result of the fear and pain.

Why are people enabling this cruelty by buying fur? Ignorance is no excuse. We have
been warned time and again about the battering of baby seals in Canada and the use of
leghold traps in the US. Yet some people obviously could care less. I hope you are not
one of them.

I am glad that I did the only thing I could do in protest. I boycotted the Beijing Olympics.
It was a drop in the bucket re the millions of people who failed to do anything at all in