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It's in the Book

Story ID:9930
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Ca USA
Person:Reading the book Chelsea Kid
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It's in the Book

Going By the Book

If you think farming is easy
Things that you have to know
No time to guess
When to plant or sow

Those old Farmers went by the book
And that’s a fact
Their Bible was well used
But so was the “Farmers Almanac”

The Farmers Almanac
Wouldn’t let you plant to soon
According to the Almanac
Planting was either in the light or dark of the moon

Gardening by the phase of the moon
A technique that speeds germination
Practiced for hundreds of years
By many foreign nations

The Almanac helped with everything
Even our bloated Old cow Bessie
Showed a picture where to place the knife
It was kind of messy

But we saved Old Bessie
This book a wealth of Knowledge
There were things in there
That weren’t taught in college

This book told you how to care
For Horses, Mules, and Hogs
Haying, threshing and combining
And Queenie our Collie dog.

Worried about the weather
All you had to do was look
Present, past and future weather
Was in the book

Thinking of going fishing
To have fish swim around your hook
To get the right time to go
It was in the book

If you wanted a calendar
Twenty years down the road
There was always an answer
For the book to unload

If a group of Farmers were talking
When to plant, when to sow
Always had the answer
It was in the book, you know

So if I wanted to find the solution
All I had to do was look
Into a “Farmers Almanac”
The Farmers trusty book.

Monte L. Manka 08-16-2014