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Story ID:9935
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every city Every State USA
Person:Police Officer
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By Fred Wickert

Every year a number of police officers in this country are killed. If there is a dash cam working in a traffic stop and it happens then, it gets some news coverage for a day or two. The rest of them go largely unnoticed. Some are from traffic stops, some are from responding to civil disturbances and a lot of others are people killing cops, for a variety of reasons or no reason at all.

If it gets reported at all, people shrug, think or say, “To bad. It’s a shame.” And then they don’t give it another thought.

Sometimes cops kill somebody. Sometimes by necessity and sometimes by mistake. That makes the news for a day or two, but not for long. But let a cop kill a black person, especially a young one, it overshadows everything else in the news for a week or more.

‘The cops are kill crazy. The cops have gone mad. They are killing our citizens for no reason at all. The cops are racists. The killing was racist, (even if the cop who did the killing was black) and he out to be hung twice for it.’

A few days ago a border patrol Sergeant was killed while with his family. His father was seriously wounded. Two Mexican illegals who had been deported several times and had a rap sheet are the ones who killed him. The President and the Attorney General never noticed or got involved.

A young black man named Trevon Martin a while back got shot and killed while beating an Hispanic in a life threatening way. The Hispanic was armed and shot the boy to protect his own life after calling for help and getting none. The president got involved and made speeches about it. The Attorney General got the justice department involved and drastically interfered with the case. He tried his damnedest to get something, anything the Feds could get him on, and failed. It should have failed but it cost the tax payer a bundle in the process. It also turned out that Trevon Martin was a thug. A fact Obama and Holder ignored and the liberal media covered up.

Now in Missouri we have a case where a cop shot and killed a black 18 year old. The 18 year old was described by the folks in his neighborhood as a nice kid and a good boy. He was a few inches over six feet tall and weighed 292 pounds. A few minutes before he was killed he was on video tape in a convenience store, committing strong armed robbery. He used his superior size and strength to rough up the store clerk and steal the merchandise.

Twice our president has interrupted his vacation to go on TV and make remarks about the case. He has conferred about the case with the attorney general who is putting pressure on local officials and who has flooded the area with fifty, yes that’s right, fifty FBI agents to investigate and he has ordered an autopsy by federal officials in addition to the local Medical Examiners autopsy and the family’s autopsy by famed Dr. Michael Baden and a College professor in the field.

A news conference was called by the family’s attorney in and a little speech had to be made by each of four separate attorneys working for the boy’s family. Only then could Dr. Baden say what he has found in his autopsy. Later, news anchors and family lawyers and Rev. Al Sharpton all went on TV and said the autopsy proved stuff that Dr. Baden never said it proved. Each one of them was trying to prove to the public, their particular bias in the case.

In the meantime, the police are being bashed for not releasing information, except of course for one video tape. That information they are being heavily criticized for releasing. It turns out they tried to release it the first day but Eric Holder prevented it. It just so happens that the State of Missouri has a Sunshine Law that makes releasing the tape mandatory so the police did release it the second day in accordance with the law. For that they were heavily criticized. It was the tape from the convenience store showing the boy committing the robbery.

They were also heavily criticized for not releasing the name and address and a picture of the police officer who shot the 18 year old. You have a mob of outraged people who have been worked up to a frenzy by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others of their ilk. They are throwing rocks and bottles at cops, shooting at police cars, throwing Molotov cocktails, smashing and looting places of business and the police are supposed to release name, address and photo of the cop? Why not just lynch him and his family and burn down his house and get it over with.

There was a guy with the boy that got killed. He gave a story about how it went down. Dr. Baden’s autopsy proved it was not true. No one has heard the cop’s story and no one seems to care. They all want him charged with murder and locked up no matter what. There is some information that indicates the boy attacked the officer in his car and tried to take his gun away from him. It is known the officer was treated in the hospital, transported there by ambulance, for facial injuries. Nobody wants to hear about that.

Two TV news outlets, really ethical I’m sure you will agree, not only reported the name of the officer, but also gave his address and showed his house on TV. CNN and MSNBC later reported they had done it accidently and apologized for it. Oh yes, I’m sure it was accidental, and I also have some real good deals on the Brooklyn Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge if you believe it was an accident. Accidently on purpose is more like it.

Shattered and robbed businesses, shots fired at police cars, Molotov cocktails, bottles and rocks thrown at police and police cars required the police to put on protective gear, go in with armored vehicles and tear gas to clear the streets. For using protective gear and armored vehicles they are also heavily criticized. Much discussion is being done on TV that there needs to be a congressional examination to determine if civilian law enforcement isn’t getting to heavy handed and this “Military” equipment be taken away from them.

Years ago I was myself a police officer. At the time, in the 1970’s we were routinely referred to as “Pigs.” We were so mean to the civilians in those days. We wouldn’t let them have their pot, LSD, cocaine, hypodermic needles and we arrested them for getting teen aged girls like zombies on drugs and then taking turns having sex with them, one after another. We pigs were so mean and unreasonable. After all it was just harmless fun.

There were some interesting toys being used in those days. A motorcycle gang had a rule that you could not be an officer in the gang unless you killed a pig. They were rigging up an interesting homemade device that involved a shot gun shell being hidden inside the handle bar. There was a firing pin set up designed so that it could be fired by putting pressure on a thin wire stretched between the handle bars. If stopped by a pig, as the cop walked up to the motorcyclist to ask for his license and registration, the shot gun shell could be fired in to the cops mid-section and the motorcyclist take off and be long gone.

Another version in use in those days was for a shotgun stock be removed, and then hidden inside the driver’s door on a car or truck. On these, double barreled shotguns were popular. Holes were made in the door frame to line up with the gun barrels. A wire was attached somehow to the trigger and attached to the turn signal lever. When stopped by a cop and the cop is walking up, the door is opened, the wire pulled and the shotgun fires into the belly and groin of the cop. Several cops were killed that way.

When a cop is killed that way, it is no big deal. It might get mentioned for a couple days in the papers or on TV but no more than that. Actually, nobody really cares.

I was a cop myself and I was proud to be one. When those things were going on we all were aware of it and were reminded frequently to be careful. Now I ask myself, why should anyone want to be a cop? It is a thankless job. It is a dangerous job. It is extremely hard on a wife who wonders every night when her husband goes to work, if he will be coming home or not. The divorce rate is very high in the profession. Alcoholism is also very high in the police profession. Many times you have things bottled up inside you, that you cannot tell your wife because they are confidential. When she finds you are keeping something from her she immediately thinks you are having an affair. Some do because women are always making offers, or maybe want to give sex to avoid a ticket.

In my case, I was always lying awake worrying about some case involving one or more kids. I was always trying to figure out some way to fix their problems. My wife used to say, “You can’t bring home every darned kid you feel sorry for.”

It is a national tragedy in my view, that nationally we have so little regard for the police, and that we have so much mistrust for the police. Every day they go to work, they put their life on the line. Every day, somewhere in the nation a life or several lives are saved because of the heroics of one or more policemen. We almost never hear about them.

Hardly a week ever goes by without a police officer getting killed but we don’t care. Let a police officer kill someone, unless it is in a big shootout, there is an uproar. It is especially bad when it is a white cop who kills a black person, and it doesn’t matter what that black person was doing at the time. I guess they are expected to use marshmallow bullets and only shoot where it doesn’t hurt.

Today on TV news was some video of a Park Ranger. Two black youths came by on skate boards. For ten years skate boarding had not been allowed in that park. Signs were posted saying so.

The park Ranger stopped the two and told them skate boarding was not allowed and they will have to stop.

The boys began screaming obscenities at the Ranger. Then one of them hit him with his skateboard and knocked him to the ground. The boys proceeded to beat and kick and stomp the man. A number of onlookers did nothing to help the Ranger getting stomped. Instead they laughed and giggled and made jokes about it and several of them took videos with their cell phones.

One young man approached and told them they shouldn’t do that. They told him to shut up or he could get some of the same. He then took out his cell phone and video taped the beating. After the beating was over he helped the Ranger and then went to the police and told them about it and left his cell phone with the video.

The tragedy is the public does not support police. They only care when they need one. There is no support for them but only condemnation. Almost always, the condemnation comes as a knee jerk reaction without knowing any of the facts in the case. Almost always the first information the public gets is false or defective, but people don’t care. Automatically the police officer is considered wrong.

Why should anyone want to be a police officer? It is a thankless job if ever there was one. It is a job where the officer is never right and always suspect. Someday officers might just get fed up. When they do they will quit in masse. Then there will be Marshal Law and troops will be running things and all constitutional rights will cease to exist. That will be a tragedy of huge proportions.

Let the investigators do their job. Nobody hates a dirty cop more than another cop. Yes, bad ones exist but they are eventually, almost always weeded out. Cops usually are good and decent men and women. Respect their rights as much as you do your own. The system works slowly, but it does work. Keep the politicians out of it and let the professionals do their job. It will be justice in the end. Just maybe, that cop was justified. It may come as a surprise in some quarters, but white cops do not go to work planning to kill a black person. They just don’t.

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