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Rainbow Wife

Story ID:9939
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
Person:Rainbow Wife
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Black, roiling clouds settled over my head. A storm approached. It would be the
biggest storm I ever experienced. The irregular beeps of the machines attached to my wife
were the roll of thunder.
Her last breath was taken. Georgia became my angel wife.

The hurricane hit me.

I sat, stared at her still body and felt the first winds of grief blow over me. The
minutes ticked by. The wind grew. It bent me at the waist, tore the tears from my cheeks,
sent them flying in all directions and finally blew me over.

I rolled with the waves of grief, let them take me on a ride I never thought I would
experience. I landed in the corner of my sofa, where I covered my head with my arms, cried
and hoped I was in a dream.

That night, I held her pillow to my chest, like a ship clings to an anchor and hoped it
would hold me firm until the winds receded.

The battle raged for months. It caused sharp pains, not only physically and mentally,
but deep in my heart and soul. It affected my work and my life. I couldn’t function. I was lost,
bouncing on a raging sea. Waves washed over the helm of my life. My son needed me, but
it was hard to be strong for him, when all I wanted to do was hide.

I did the only thing I could; I steered into the waves, rode up one side and
down the other, only to be faced by another one threatening to drown me.

One day, I stood in the arrival section of the Newark, New Jersey airport.
The storm had passed. I stood straight again; the winds subsided. I felt the last drops of grief
drip from my shoulders. Behind me, the sun broke through the clouds. My shadow stretched
out in front of me, leading the way to a future. A beautiful rainbow appeared. Free from the
clouds, its colors glowed brightly.

I felt the bands of red, yellow, magenta, green, blue and purple envelope me – dazzling
colors. They held me like a warm blanket. I knew the storm was over. Ginny was in my arms.

At this time, we’ve been married for more than ten wonderful years. That dark storm
is long gone. It’s sad memory.
Today, Ginny and I are happily in love.

I had Georgia – my angel wife. Now I have Ginny. She showed me the beauty at the
end of a storm.

She’s my rainbow wife.

Michael T. Smith