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Story ID:9946
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every City Every state USA
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By Fred Wickert

If you are a GI or Veteran, or a police officer or just white in America any more, you have no justice. Justice will not serve you because you don’t count. If you are Asian you will be lumped in with or considered white.

A Border Patrol officer was killed in a gun fight with Mexicans. The gun or guns he was killed with were provided to the Mexicans in some kind of botched plan by the Justice Department involving gun running to Mexico. Oh yeah. There was gun running to the Mexican Cartels all right, by our own Justice Department. The killing of the Border Patrol Officer brought it to light and began the huge government cover up that survives today.

An Hispanic Neighborhood Watch person the media first thought to be white and reported as such, shot and killed a black youth who was in the process of beating him to death. The media immediately built it up as a racist killing of an innocent youth just walking home. The President got involved, saying that victim could have been his son. The Justice Department on orders of Eric Holder, who by the way refused to prosecute Billy Club wielding Black Panther members for intimidating and threatening white voters, swung into action. Bus loads’ of college students were recruited to storm the police station and demand the resignation of the Police Chief. They pressured the state Attorney General into taking the case away from the local Florida authorities and having the state Attorney General’s Office try the shooter, still being reported by the media as white, for murder. The jury acquitted him. Eric Holder vowed publicly that it wasn’t over yet. He sent Federal investigators to try to get any dirt on the shooter they could. They advertised in the media for anyone with any dirt on him to report it to them. Six months later, buried as deep in the papers as it could get, the announcement was made they had to drop the case for no evidence.

At the same period of time a black man who was licensed to carry, shot and killed a white youth who was vandalizing his car in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY. Only the Buffalo area news carried the story.

A man labeled by his coworkers as a deserter, a man who shortly before he deserted his unit in Afghanistan had sent e-mails home denouncing the American military was a guest for some time of the Taliban. For the first hundred days or so, there was a major effort in Afghanistan by the military to get him back, which cost several American lives. Barack Obama made a quick deal with the Taliban to get him released and returned to American custody. He was promoted twice while in Taliban custody, he was given back pay with interest, and Obama held a White House Rose Garden ceremony for his parents. At that ceremony the father made a statement to the Muslims in their language that was questionable to say the least. President Obama knew and understood what he said and looked as though he approved. The deal made for the man’s release from Taliban custody? The release of the five most dangerous prisoners In Guantanomo. Federal law requires he notify Congress thirty days before doing that, but he did not notify them. He said they didn’t have time. Members of the man’s unit at the time he left his unit who described him as a deserter, were demonized by members of the government for their remarks. They were publicly accused of “Swift Boating him.” For the families of those who were killed while looking for him to rescue him cannot get any answers from the government.

A U.S. Marine who fought in Afghanistan and who suffers from PTSD got in the wrong lane and accidently crossed the border into Mexico. He had all of his personal belongings with him. Among these belongings were two fire arms for which he had legal permits. The Mexican Government held him. He has been in Mexican prisons for months. He should have been immediately released and returned across the border with his belongings intact. Instead he has been brutalized by Mexican authorities and had all his property confiscated. The Obama Administration has done nothing on his behalf or to get him back.

An off duty Border Patrol Sergeant was fishing with his family. Two Mexican illegals, both with multiple criminal records and who had been let go and sent back to Mexico twice before, were again illegally in this country. In an attempt to rob the Border Patrolman and his family, shot and killed him and seriously wounded his father. While this is going on Obama is releasing thousands of Mexican illegals, also convicted felons, from prison and on to the streets of our country. No effort to send them back to Mexico at all, but just release them on the streets of our country. The excuse? The prisons are too crowded. No media or government outcry over the slain officer or of the prisoner release. Those released were convicted killers, rapists and robbers. Obama is always talking about the so called “War on Women.” I guess release of hundreds or thousands of rapists is not a problem with the War on women? It must not be.

In Missouri an 18 year old black youth, 292 pounds and six foot three inches tall, just minutes after committing a strong armed robbery was shot to death by a white police officer. There are conflicting stories about what happened and how. It doesn’t matter. The cop is white and the deceased is black. Immediately the media, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton who is also a government snitch and a national TV news anchor, the New Black Panthers, the President, the Attorney General Eric Holder, the state Governor and a state Senator who represents the district are all calling for the officer to be prosecuted immediately. Don’t wait for an investigation, disregard any evidence that might suggest the officer is innocent, believe only the account of the guy who was the victims accomplice in the convenience store robbery just committed and who by the way has a prior criminal record and a noteworthy record of perjury, and disregard any evidence to the contrary. The entire black community of the town of Ferguson, with only a few exceptions, is out to lynch this white cop with the help of the media and the Obama administration.

At the same time all this is going on, in Salt lake a white unarmed youth was shot and killed by a black police officer. If you have heard of it at all you are one of few because it has not been in the national media. President Obama and Eric Holder and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the NAACP and the Black Panthers have not rushed down to Salt Lake. They have not rushed to the microphone to call for this cops head.

In Mississippi two veterans who happen to be white, went into
A place of business. There were seven black men there and they were loudly demanding the head of the white police officer in Ferguson, Mo. One of the two white men spoke up saying correctly, that not all the evidence was in yet. An argument ensued and the management asked them to take it outside.

The two white veterans left and drove twenty miles to a different location. The seven black men followed them. When they got out of their car to go to another place for something to eat, the seven black men jumped them in the parking lot. One of the two white men was treated for multiple injuries and released from the hospital. The other man was not so lucky. If he lives, he may never be right again as he suffered severe brain injuries. Police are investigating but as yet, have no idea who the black men are.

In cities all over America for more than two years now, groups of black youths have been terrorizing white folks and Asian folks who are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. One Asian couple in Brooklyn, NY was just driving up the street. They stopped for a traffic light. The group of black youths came out in the street and stood in front of their car. When the light turned green they refused to move. The man opened the door of his car and asked them to get out of the way. He was yanked from the car and savagely beaten. His wife managed to call 911 on her cell phone before being yanked out of the car by the hair of her head and she too was savagely beaten before police arrived. Black gangs all over the country are doing these things to whites and Asians fully unprovoked. They call it the “Knock Out Game.” In some instances they have killed people. One they killed was a foreign student who had come here to play on a college sports team. We never hear about them because media only reports them locally. When media does report them they avoid mentioning the race of the perpetrators. Why?

The kids in schools across the nation always used to begin every day with reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance,” but I am told that is not universal any more. It is especially avoided in those parts of the country where there are large numbers of Mexicans in the school. I am reminded of the last part of that pledge. It says, “One nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.” Well, I guess it is not for all any more. Now it is questionable about Liberty. The government tells you that you have to buy insurance whether you want to or not. The government tells you what you can and can’t eat or drink or how big a bottle of soda you can buy. The government tells you they can take your teen age daughter to Planned Parenthood for an abortion without your knowledge or consent. The government can give your child free condoms whether you like it or not, the government can show porno films to your kids in school without your knowledge or consent. I guess Liberty is gone now.

As for justice? Well maybe. It depends who or what you are. If you are a GI or a Veteran, I guess not. If you are a police officer, I guess not – especially if you are a white one. If you are a white person or an Asian, I guess not.

On the other hand, if you are a Muslim, Black or Mexican, by all means. Justice is in abundance for you. Liberty now, that is a different matter. That is only for Muslims and Mexicans to have. The Blacks can’t have that either. Maybe I should change that to illegal Mexicans, because if you are a Mexican American citizen, then you don’t count. Only the illegal ones have any rights.

I think we need desperately to save our country, a new media that will be truthful and unbiased and report it all and not just chosen things, is mandatory to have an informed populace.

To get the government out of our private business and private affairs is needed. Liberty needs to be restored to all of the nation and not just to a certain few.

Justice for all! For ALL of us needs to be restored. As long as justice is only for certain groups, this country can not and will not stand.

It begins with us. We have to start finding the will to put our foot down and say,”NO!” We have to say No to corrupt and biased media. We have to say No to corruption in public office. It may not be illegal, but for the Governor of a State to go on public TV and demand immediate prosecution of anybody is CORRUPTION! He has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. To demand the immediate prosecution of someone before the investigation is concluded and before any evidence has been heard or is known is both corrupt and incompetent. For the President and the Attorney General to send a professional race baiter as their point man is also corrupt and incompetent!

The case in Ferguson is a case for local elected officials. Higher levels of government should not stick their nose in it unless requested to give help by the local officials. They should not be usurped or undermined. We need the Constitution restored from top to bottom. The administration and the Governors offices should spend their energies doing their own jobs and not someone else’s. If the administration did their own job, it would be a breath of fresh air. The Lord knows there is much that needs to be done that is not being done. Ever hear of ISIS? How about our porous borders?

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