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US Senate Midterm Report for the Animals

Story ID:9957
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington District of Columbia usa
Person:Michael Markarian
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I spent all week looking for Michael Markarian’s Humane Scoreboard for the first
half of the 113th Congress. Finally, on LABOR DAY my labor was rewarded. At
work, I had good organizational skills. At home they disappeared.

Why was I looking for the Humane Scoreboard when it is on the Internet? Well,
it would save me from having to print quite a few pages – some of which I wanted
to share with people who really care about how our legislators voted on animal
issues. I find the Humane Scoreboard a truly wonderful service provided by the
Humane Legislative Fund.

I had been getting all sorts of requests for political money from the candidates.
Luckily, I didn’t have any money to give, and certainly now when I checked the
candidates’ records, I found I wouldn’t have supported them if I could have
because of their poor scores on these animal issues: Chimpanzees, Horse Slaughter,
Animal Welfare Funding, Animal fighting, Horse Soring, Horse Racing, Veterinary
Medicine, and opposition to the destructive provision of the King Amendment
to the Farm Bill.

I will only be able to record the Senators’ vote results in this post. I would like to
tackle the 435 House votes, but as you can well imagine that it would take a lot of
time and effort. I hope instead-that those who really care will go to the Humane
Scoreboard on the internet and check out how their representative voted. My Ohio
representative, Marcy Kaptur, only scored 50. She had plenty of company and the
ONLY Ohio representative of the 16 we have to score above 50 was Joyce Beatty
(D-3rd). She scored 87. Thank you Representative Beatty!

(Those Senators with a star in front of their names scored 80 or more)

ALABAMA – Sessions, Jeff –0, Shelby, Richard –20
ALASKA –Begich, Mark –40, Murkowski, Lisa – 0
ARIZONA – Flake, Jeff – 0, McCain,John –0
ARKANSAS –Boozman, John –0, Pryor, Mark –20
CALIFORNIA- *Boxer, Barbara –100, *Feinstein, Diane -100+
COLORADO –Bennet, Michael –40, Udall, Mark –40
CONNECTICUT – *Blumenthal, Richard - 100+, *Murphy, Christopher –80
DELAWARE –*Carper, Thomas –80, *Coons, Chris –80
FLORIDA –Nelson, Bill –20, Rubio, Marco –0
GEORGIA – Chambliss, Saxby –0, Isakson, Johnny – 0
HAWAII-Hirono, Mazie –60, *Schatz, Brian –100
IDAHO –Crapo, Michael –20, Risch, Jim –0
ILLINOIS –*Durbin, Richard –100, *Kirk, Mark – 80
INDIANA- Coats, Dan -0, Donnelly, Joe –0
IOWA - Grassley, Charles – 0, Harkin, Tom –60
KANSAS- Moran, Jerry –20, Roberts, Pat – 0
KENTUCKY –McConnel, Mitch (top leaders don’t vote), Paul, Rand – 0
LOUISIANA – *Landrieu, Mary - 100+, *Vitter, David –80
MAINE –*Collins, Susan, King, Angus – 60
MARYLAND – *Cardin, Benjamin –100, *Mikulski, Barbara –80
MASSACHUSETTS –*Markey Ed -100+, *Warren, Elizabeth – 80
MICHIGAN – *Levin, Carl – 80, *Stabenow, Debbie –100
MINNESOTA –Franken, Al –40, Klobuchar, Amy –40
MISSISSIPPI -Cochran, Tad –20, Wicker, Roger –0
MISSOURI –Blunt, Roy –20, McCaskill, Claire –0
MONTANA- Baucus, Max-0, Tester, Jon –20
NEBRASKA – Fischer, Deb –0, Johanns, Mike – 0
NEVADA – Heller, Dean – 0, Reid, Harry (leader)
NEW HAMPSHIRE – Ayotte, Kelly –60, *Shaheen, Jeanne –80
NEW JERSEY –Booker, Cory, Chiesa, Jeffrey –Filed seats during term,
Lautenberg, Frank (voted for the animals but died during term)
*Menendez, Robert –100
NEW MEXICO – *Heinrich, Martin, Udall, Tom –60
NEW YORK – *Gillibrand, Kirsten –100, Schumer, Charles-60
NORTH CAROLINA – Burr, Richard –20, Hagan, Kay –0
NORTH DAKOTA –Heitkamp, Heidi –0, Hoeven, John –0
OHIO – Brown, Sherrod –40, Portman, Rob –20
OKLAHOMA – Coburn, Tom – 20, Inhofe, James –0
OREGON –*Merkley, Jeff –100, *Wyden, Ron- 80
PENNSYLVANIA –Casey, Robert –60, Toomey, Pat –0
RHODE ISLAND –*Reed, Jack – 100, *Whitehouse, Sheldon- 80
SOUTH CAROLINA – Graham, Lindsey –40, Scott, Tim –0
SOUTH DAKOTA – Johnson, Tim –60, Thune, John –40
TENNESSEE – Alexander, Lamar –20, Corker, Bob- 0
TEXAS –Cornyn, John, Cruz, Ted –0
UTAH –Hatch, Orin –0, Lee, Mike –0
VERMONT –*Leahy, Patrick –100, *Sanders, Bernard –100+
VIRGINIA –Kaine, Tim –20, Warner, Mark –60
WASHINGTON – *Cartwell, Maria –100, *Murray, Patty
WEST VIRGINIA – Manchin, Joe, Rockefeller, Jay –20
WISCONSIN - Baldwin, Tammy- 60, Johnson, Ron –0
WYOMING – Barrasso, John –0, Enzi, Michael – 0

Phew! Glad this is done. I believe there were only 30 out of
100 Senators who scored 80 or 100. I also noted that the South
as a voting block did poorly and the Northeast, on the other hand,
showed great compassion for the animals. Lastly, Markarian kindly
noted that in some cases- missed votes were unavoidable for
personal reasons.