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My Birth Town on Fire

Story ID:5009
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith
Story type:Photograph
Location:Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Residents of Halifax
My Birth Town on Fire
My Birth Town on Fire
My Birth Town on Fire
My Birth Town on Fire
This is Halifax , Nova Scotia – My birthplace

My mom lives a couple miles from the fires and
Thursday (04/30/09) night could see the glow in
the sky

She’s in an urban setting. The fire didn't spread
to her

What you see burning is mostly park land. Some of the areas are large properties, like those that burn in

California. Those are the houses affected – 8 destroyed and more than a dozen damaged so far

There was a Cat 3 hurricane that went through this area 5 years ago.

The forests are full of dead trees that are fuelling it. At one point, the fire was moving at 100 feet per minute

On Friday (05/01/09), they got a little rain and finally got the fire under control

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