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Where Ya Gonna Go When da Volcano Blow?

Story ID:709
Written by:Henry Rockwood (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Travel
Location:Ft. Lauderdale FL usa
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Country State City Date
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg 08/05/2006
Mexico Ajijic 08/04/2006
United States 08/06/2006
United States Alabama Birmingham 08/13/2006
United States California Temecula 08/05/2006
United States District of Columbia Washington 08/08/2006
United States Georgia Atlanta 09/05/2006
United States Iowa Cedar Falls 01/11/2007
United States Kentucky Louisville 10/20/2006
United States Montana Butte 08/03/2006
United States Texas New Braunfels 08/03/2006